No Surrender

AO: The Wreck

When: 05/15/2019

QIC: Bronco

PAX (29): Scar, Wide right, Tubs, Divot, Thud, Crablegs, Roadtrip, Banjo, Circus, Goat, Deadbeat, Grease monkey, Tweaker, Raider, Turbine, Backside, OJ, Bear, Polaroid, Virginia Slim, Foley, Swamp Donkey, Squeegee, Free Pie, Doogie, Bieber, Aflac, Yankee


Shooting for my first low-mosey Q…ever, YHC had to get creative to get a sweat so jumped right into gettin’ after it!  We start with a slow mosey to the middle parking lot.






  • Goat volunteered to start us in a massive circle of 5 mountain climbers while the rest of the Pax plank – the pax to his right does 5, then to their right and so on while all the previous continue to do Mountain climbers.
  • Aflac got volunteered to then do the same with Merkins x3
  • Monkey Humpers were the next at 5 per and hearts were beating.

The Thang:

We continue the slow mosey to the next parking lot where Pax all do 25 curb calf-raises then crab walk to the other side for 25 more.

On to the football field we go for diamond 4-corners (50 yard line on the sides where benches are and each goalpost):

  • Dips AMRAP
  • Kobies AMRAP
  • Step-ups AMRAP
  • No Surrenders (arms on head, one knee down, other knee down then stand up = 1) x 20

We rinse and repeat with No Surrenders x25 then again x30

The Pax still chattering a bit so lining up on the goal line for some sprint run-backs (made up name?) – sprint to 10, backwards to goal line, sprint to 20, backwards to goal line – all the way to 50).  YHC owes Doogie, Backside and one other a coffee/beer next time we see each other in public.  We repeat to the 30 and it’s time to get back to the flag.

Quick round of Mary and time is up.


  • Watch over Tweaker and Slim’s family with some things medical things coming up.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

REMINDER for the 2nd Beer Mile!

REMINDER for the Murph coming up on Memorial Day

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