Cinder Slam

AO: Firehouse

When: 05/16/2019

QIC: Fudd

PAX (6): Reuben, Skynyrd, Picker, Howser, Snowden, Fudd


The cinder block girlfriends made an appearance this morning and worked their way around the AO with us.


Mosey to bottom lot to circle up…wait here comes Picker. Mosey to the top to pick him up and start off with:


Weed Pickers


Good Mornings


The Thang:

Pick a girlfriend from the back of the truck and circle up for some rounds of 21’s.

Curls – This round was successful.

Bent over Rows – Not so much. Snowden was the guilty party so we rinsed and repeated and nailed it the 2nd go round.

Kettlebell Swings – Snowden failed us again. I admire his playing it off as he wasn’t doing an extra rep, but when your cinder block is out in front of your chest while the rest of the PAX is still it’s a hard position to talk your way out of. We rinsed and repeated and were all better for the extra work!

Haul your lady friend to the bottom of the center hill of parking lot.

Partner up for Bear Crawl Dead Man’s Pull

Bear Crawl up the hill with your partner and take turns dragging your “dead man” along the way. Regroup at the top and repeat the process dragging down hill. The way down hill seemed like it should be easier than it was.

Keep your partner for some Dora. P1 runs to the 2nd median while P2 puts in the work. Swap off after each run for cumulative totals of:

100 Curls

200 Shoulder Shrugs

300 Goblet Squats

Cusak walk your block to the truck and go and grab some curb for a quick round of Wheel of Merkins.

Spread out after wheel of merkins with each pax on a parking spot for an inchworm of pain. All pax hold plank while the last in line does 10 Big Boy Sit Ups and sprints to next available spot. Worked through one round then switched to LBC’s for second round.

Mosey back to the parking curbs for Burpee Box Overs. 10 Burpees while clearing the curb laterally each jump.

Circle up for Round Robin Mary.

Flutters/Crunchy Frogs/Ankle Reaches/Shoulder Taps/ Box Cutters/Freddie Mercurys

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