Simplicity and Disruption

AO: The Hooch

When: 05/15/2019

QIC: Homer

PAX (10): Meatball, ReadyMix, Sunshine, Ball Boy, Jimbo, Piggy, Curry, Pooh Bear, Popper


Really considered revisiting the Army Physical Fitness Test, but saw that our last test was 11/19/18… so we’ll wait another month to see how the PAX has progressed. That being said, YHC thought we’d hang out around Medlock Crossing Shopping Center for the morning and incorporate many of the exercises in the test.


Circle up. No FNGs. Sunshine is coming in hot… let’s hang out around the ‘flag’ and do some warmups.

  • Forward Arm Circles
  • Backward Arm Circles
  • SSH
  • Windmill
  • Quick jog around the parking lot (did anyone else notice that Hurricane’s was lit up like a party was going on inside? I assume another restaurant is prepping to go in there… We’ll see if they last!)

Popper and Ballboy tried to outrun YHC and thought that we were headed toward the standard secondary warmup location, but we took a sharp left and headed towards the backside of Starbucks. End our warmup time with a few Copperhead Squats.

The Thang:

Partner up for a 3 part series of Dora’s. Assemble on the sidewalk behind ARI and point out curb across the parking lot.

First Dora: 150 merkins and 150 LBC – Partner will simply run across lot to curb and come back. YHC points out that ‘no bear crawls for the day!’  Flip/Flop. When finished, Al Gore Hold and wait for six.

Second Dora: 100 squats and 200 calf raises on the curb. Only a tiny bit of mumble chatter at the calf raises. Several mentions of hand holding might be needed. Same as before, flip/flop with partner running to curb and back. When finished, Al Gore Hold and wait for six.

Third Dora: 75 WW1 situps and 75 American Hammers. Demonstrate that 1 = 4 (2 per side) Flip/flop with partner. More running to curb and back. Al Gore for the six.

It was at this point YHC wanted to throw some disruption into the beatdown. Noting that ReadyMix and Popper were first to be done with their Third Dora, they were called on individually to lead the group for 2-3 minutes. Popper first and had to come up with something quick and on the fly.

Popper’s 2ish minute drill: Bear Crawl the short side of the loop around two islands and sprint the long side. The PAX followed his lead and completed the loop twice.

ReadyMix’s 2 minutes decided that we could crab crawl those short sides just as easily as we could bear crawl. The PAX responded strong. I’m certain our crab crawls shocked the Tom Glavine impersonator who swung in to the ATM early.

10 count to recover, and let’s mosey to the drive through covering outside ARI and Twisted Taco.

You’ve heard of Indian Runs, now YHC introduced the PAX to the Crazy Indian.

Crazy Indian: All pax against wall of a building in balls to the wall (BTTW) position. First pax at 1 end of line drops down from BTTW and runs to end of the line then gets back into BTTW position. Next pax follows and this repeats until Q says to stop or run out of wall.

That worked better than YHC thought. Maybe something to do again when needing a little bit of time to kill. Probably works better with a flat wall instead of the circle.

8ish minutes at the end of the beatdown means some Mary. Started with Freddy Mercury and called on each other to fill the time. We did some superman, dying cockroach, dolly, gas pumpers, a variety of planks and a few others that YHC has lost track of.



A quick prayer for those who were missing, traveling or hurting at moment. Prayers for doughboy and his M and their new baby on the way.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Good to see you guys out this morning. Great coffeeteria conversation about leading vs managing and how not to incorporate project management best practices in the home space. Disruption seems negative, but only if you don’t first love that which you are leading.  We talked about how we’ve been accelerating and seeing really good results in our fitness. I think we all need to make sure that those we lead/serve see us do it with Love.

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