Oh, Hipflexors!

AO: The Shadow

When: 05/14/2019

QIC: Chain Gang

PAX (8): Billboard Green Bean Suds CIA Fireballs Scout Rambo


Despite the unseasonal 53 degree morning, plenty showed up for fun, while others partook in the fartsack.


  1. Sidestraddle Hop 20xIC
  2. Engine from curb to light pole
  3. Lunge to curb
  4. Bear crawl to light pole
  5. Windmill 18xIC
  6. Monkey jumpers 10xIC
  7. Burpees 10xOYO

The Thang:

Thang 1

  • Mosey the long way around the school to the rock garden for some extra weight
  • Bear crawl down the steps into the garden
  • Choose a rock friend carefully
  • Circuit – Dips 20x with rock, then box jump with rock up the garden steps. Rinse and repeat down to 15x dips (20,19,18,17,16,15)
  • Run around the school with rock, return rock to its home
  • Partner up for 30x leg throws
  • 10x Burpees

Thang 2

  • Mosey to north street
  • 10x Burpees
  • 30x Toyotas, “sprint”, if you can, to the top, 25x Merkins
  • Rinse and repeat for total of 3x sets
  • Maybe more burpees

Thang 3

  • Mosey to the track
  • 10x Burpees, I think
  • Cherokee run around track
  • Aerosmith to the entry of the parking lot
  • Let’s do 10x more burpees
  • Partner up again for 30x leg throw fun (don’t let partner’s sweat drip in your mouth)
  • Jail break to the school
  • Circle up, 10x Burpos for good measure


Green Bean took us out, prayers to be who He wants us to be in the world, good husbands and fathers, glorifying him

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