Dozens with Pain Stations and a little Roxanne

AO: Big Creek

When: 05/14/2019

QIC: McDuff

PAX (9): Swiper, Whiz, Snake, Spit Valve, Bartman, Benny, Bell, Body, McDuff


YHC drove in to a nice cool May morning at the Creek!



Warm Up:

SSH x 12

Weed Pickers x 12

Sun Gods x 12 (Forward and Backward)

Hillbillies x 12

The Thang:

Thang 1:

Mosey to the Kidney Bean for an old routine called “Dozens”.  There are 12 light poles along the path of the Kidney Bean.  Similar to 11s, run to each light poll and do:

11 x Merkins and 1 Big Boy Sit Up

10 x Merkins and 2 Big Boy Sit-ups

9 x Merkins and 3 Big Boy Sit-ups……….until 1 Merkin and 11 Big Boy Sit-ups

Rinse and Repeat with new exercises:

11 x Lunges (each leg counts as one) and 1 Plank Jack

10 x Lunges and 2 Plank Jacks

9 x Lunges and 3 Plank Jacks…………until 1 Lunge and 11 Plank Jacks

There was some mumble chatter about having an extra light pool as we had no exercises left for the last light pole.  However, we re-counted and there were in fact 12 light poles…..when you start with 11 and go to 1 you only hit 11 light poles.

Thang 2:

Mosey to Playground for some Pain Station fun with 90 seconds at each station with a 30 second transition:

Station 1 – Swerkins (Merkin with feet in swing)

Station 2 – Squats

Station 3 – Step Ups

Station 4 – Pull Ups

Thang 3:

Mosey to F3 Pavilion and partner up for Balls-To-The-Wall while other partner does 15 dips…round 2 with 20 dips….round 3 with 25 dips.

Thang 4:

Mosey to coupon pile and grab a moderate to large coupon carefully not to awake the copperheads!  Whiz had to pick a monster coupon and there was mumble chatter about some not so large ones so YHC had everyone drop their coupons in a circle and move one position to the left.  Swiper got stuck with the monster for Colt 45 round 1:

15 x Curls

15 x Skull Crushers

15 x Overhead Press

Move back to original coupon and Rinse and Repeat.  Whiz got his turn with the monster and hammered them out!

Thang 5:

Mosey back to the Flag for some “Roxanne”.  Plank for the song which is about 3 minutes. Every time you hear “Roxanne” one Merkin and every time you hear “put on the red lights” one Plank Jack.

One quick set of flutter kicks x 10 and it was 6:15



Whiz had his usual announcement about the big Go Ruck event prodding everyone who has not yet signed up!

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