Buckets and Pond Scum Water

AO: The Wreck

When: 05/13/2019

QIC: Raider

PAX (27): Divot, Jackalobe, Bieber, Sprocket, Backside, Squeak, Rusty, Tweeker, Zima, Deadbeat, Yankee, Hattrick, Sellout, Rooney, Bear, Swamp Donkey, Tubbs, DD, Free Pie, Bronco, Wide Right, AFLAC, Switch, Foley, Raider, Goat, BP


As this was going to be an ambitious setup for the BD, needed to set the alarm for an early start.  Pulled into the parking lot at 4:30AM, planted the flag, and headed over to the Pond.  Loaded seven 5-gallon HD buckets with Roswell’s finest pond scum water.  Then moseyed to the football field for a four-corner setup.  Said a quick prayer then waited for the PAX to arrive at the flag.


Started with a moderate mosey around the tennis courts up to the gymnastics portico.

Hillbillys 15
Weedpicker 15
Windmill 15
Mountain Climbers 15
Forward Arm Circles 20
Backward Arm Circles 20

The Thang:

Thing #1 – Chumbaburpees at the Portico

Played the song Tubthumping.  SSH throughout the song, with Burpees on the chorus “I get knocked down…”

Thing #2 – Bucket Brigade at the Hill

Setup: 5 gallon HD buckets filled with pond water.  Each bucket had tick marks at 1/2 inch intervals so that spillage could be penalized with 5 burpees per tick mark.

Round 1: Divided PAX into 6 teams and lined-up shoulder to shoulder.  First person passed the bucket to next person, then ran to the end of the line.  Line progressed down the hill then backup.  YHC instructed this was more about technique, so spillage would be penalized with burpees.

Round 2: Added a heavy coupon to the bucket and repeated exercise with burpee penalty for spillage.

Round 3: Speed round- no penalty for spillage.  Some teams took the liberty of running with their buckets which YHC let pass as good ole “creativity”.

Thing #3 – Four Corners at the Football Field

Headed from the Hill down to the Football field, with 10 PAX picking up lifting coupons along the way.

Four cones were setup in a 30 yrd square.  Each cone had 4 exercises listed on a poster board.  PAX were instructed split off into 4 teams, with each team doing a total of 120 reps of each exercise.  PAX moved to the next cone after finishing each exercise, for a total of 4 laps around the square.

YHC noted some mumble chatter when teams overlapped at a cone (in good fun of course).

Cone 1 Cone 2 Cone 3 Cone 4
Round 1 Monkey Humpers Jump Squats LBCs Curls
Round 2 Big Boys Diamond Merkins J-Lo’s Skull Crushers
Round 3 American Hammers Bonnie Blairs Wide Merkins Rows
Round 4 Stone Mountains Imperial Walkers T-bombs Overhead Press

YHC call time at 6:10 as PAX just finished their last corner and headed to the flag for some Mary.



Reminder for Beer Mile on May 17th at 6pm at Roswell Park – contact Bronco for sign-up.

Memorial Day Murph – Meet at the faces of war memorial at city hall at 6:30am.  Run to the wreck for the 100/200/300 combo then back to city hall for COT.

Keep Chalupa in your prayers for quick recovery from surgery.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Appreciate the opportunity F3 provides us for regular fitness and fellowship with other men in the Roswell area.  It has had an impact on my girls to see their dad come back sweaty from a good BD early in the morning and be an example to them for commitment and fitness.

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