Shaking is Good, Vibrating is Better!

AO: The Shadow

When: 05/11/2019

QIC: Manhole

PAX (10): Suds, Seles, Scout, Manhole, Madoff, Leon, GreenBean, Fizz, Fireballs, B-Bo


An even 10 enjoined the fray, on this gloomy, humid, yet coolish Saturday AM, led by YHC. Suds was on hand for his 3rd in a row. (This is becoming quite a habit).


We started off the day, with two rounds of warm-up reps, in cadence, x15: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Squats and Cotton Pickers.

Finished it off with x10 and IC larger arm circles forwards and back.

And let’s mosey….

The Thang:

to the top of the DNC hill. A brief pause led to 2 sets, IC, x10 of curb derkins and windmills.

Mosey down to the intermediate lot for two quick sets of suicides. (5 lines in each set)

Mosey down the hill to the lower parking lot. We paired off for a set of partner alternating wheel barrows. Next to the rail, for some partner alternating merkins and dips on the rail. 10 each and OYO.

Next we did a bear crawl length up the hill. Back to the rail, for some partner alternating merkins and dips on the rail. 10 each and OYO.

Mosey to the back deck of the DNC hut for some Mary. All sets were IC and x15. Rosalita, Low Dolly, 30-60-90, Leon’s Box Cutters, Mason Twists, Obliques (left and right) and LBCs.

Mosey to the tree stumps for alternating step ups and incline merkins, 3 seats, 20/10, 15/8 and 10/5.

Mosey to the picnic benches for 3 alternating sets of dips and planks. (Dips were IC and x10, Planks were 30 second holds.

Mosey back up the steps, through the lower lot and to bottom line for alternating Lunges and Squats up to the crosswalk.

Jailbreak from the cross walk to the top of hill.

Mosey back to Austin and to the wall for a quick set of wall sits and down to the ground for some hand release merkins.

Over to the Platform of Pain for Freddie Mercury’s and then on our belly for 5 OYO Hand Release Merkins.


Leon took us out and said a prayer for his grandmother in her last few days and for a speedy recover for snake oil’s father post op. Leon also paid homage to all the mothers out there on this special weekend and for all of those less fortunate.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

T-Claps for Suds on his 3rd day in a row.

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