No Disc Left Behind

AO: The Gladiator

When: 05/11/2019

QIC: Shrinkage

PAX (3): Viking, BlackBox, Shrinkage


The rain held out this morning, but I had a feeling that we would have a lot of fart sackers. At 7AM, I was still the only one there and was about to pack it in and head to Delightful Donuts, but I heard a car coming down the road. Viking pulled in at 7:01 and BlackBox pulled in 30 seconds later. Good thing we have an hour on Saturday mornings to play catch up. Lots of chatter on the Mosey to Warm-O-Rama. BlackBox told us he celebrated his 11th wedding anniversary last night on Canton Street, but you’ll have to ask him where he ended up…


10X Up Straddle Hop (Rinse and Repeat other Leg)
11X Hillbillies
11X Moroccan Nightclub

The Thang:

– We moseyed over to hole #4 on the disc golf course and started with Thunderstruck on the tee box. For those not familiar, I put on the song Thunderstruck and we got in the plank position. Whenever you hear Thunderstruck in the song, you have to do a merkin.

– Next, I got out the disc golf discs and we each threw a disc toward the hole. The idea was to do broad jumps to your disc, throw again and do lunges to the disc, and then throw again and bear crawl to your disc until you get it in. It seemed like nothing could go wrong with this plan, but on Vikings first throw, he sliced it into the woods and weeds somehow, and spent a few minutes looking for it, until I told him to forget it. We finished the hole out using my disc.

– After that hole, we did a Big Boy Mile with big boy sit-ups every quarter mile.During the run, we stopped by Hole #12 and played another hole of disc golf incorporating broad jumps, lunges, and bear crawls again. Everything went smooth this time.
– Mosey to the tennis courts for The Cooper (10 to 5)
– Mosey to the soccer fields for Howling Monkeys x 2
– 25 step-ups/ 10 Derkins. Rinse & Repeat
Tammy Wynette
Mosey back to the imaginary flag
– Mary for a about 4 minutes and YHC almost stopped it early, but we pushed through for a couple more minutes until time was up


Prayers for Viking and his wife as they make some exciting moves/changes in their lives.

P.S. (Thanks to Viking for going back and finding the disc. You didn’t have to that, but much appreciated.)



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