Hattrick Bday Q / Stomach Bug Roll Call

AO: The Wreck

When: 05/10/2019

QIC: Hattrick

PAX (23): Sellout, Backside, Couch, Bear, Bieber, Aflac, IBeam, Rusty, Switch, Wide Right, Divot, Tubbs, Sprocket, Crablegs, Roadtrip, Raider, Foley, Tweaker, Squeegie, Swamp Donkey, Rooney, Banjo, Hattrick


As the commute towards The Wreck began at 0500 hrs, there was reflection. May 12, 1983 YHC was born 7 weeks early at 5 lbs, spent several weeks in an incubator at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston gaining strength. The name Dustin given, later in life learning the name means “valiant fighter”.

Thirty-six years later a more mobile incubator also builds strength, known as The Wreck, and does so in a variety of ways: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Gratitude was the overwhelming emotion as the pax arrived and flag shoveled in the ground; 0530 approached.


A brief introduction of recent addition Banjo (by way of Hogwallow) then some chatter of time striking so we mosey to the steps by the pond, three calf raises each step and circle up in the parking lot.

12 Windmills

12 Weed Pickers

12 SSH

12 hillbillies

The Thang:

Partner up, run opposite direction around the gym be as partners reconvene do 10 Brokins – after 3 rounds head to bottom parking lot by football field and grab a lifting rock. Air chair for the six
Partner up get a lifting rock, head to turf field,
goal line. One partner begins exercise and other runs to 50 yard line and back; switch. combined the partners complete:
60 curls
80 reverse curls
100 back ups
Place coupon back and head behind home plate to the wall.
– 20 jump squats
– 20 step ups each leg; plank for the six
Mosey to the playground where pax plank on sidewalk and complete roll call from both ends. Promptly called the “stomach bug roll call” being from both ends. While two pax count 5 pull ups the lax on sidewalk complete 5 merkins.
Mosey to the hill. Begin with 3 burpees at bottom; sprint up hill, 2 burpees; back down for one final burpee. We complete the BD with a long mosey back through parking lot and along the trail.
Mary until time with Aflac calling Diamonds per usual and some Superman thanks to Swamp and others I don’t recall.


The Wreck 2.0 workout may be pushed until next Sat or the next. Ask Squeegee. See Slack.

Beer Mile May 17, again see Slack. good jerb Bronco.

Memorial Day BD, begins at 0630(?) at steps of Roswell City Hall.

Prayer for Chalupa surgery and recovery.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Sometimes life can toss heavy burdens on us just like a heavy weighted vest was tossed on YHC for this bday Q. YHC has a mentor that focuses on asking questions of a wholistic life; dubbed the 4 square life consisting of emotional, spiritual, mental and physical. This helps as the weight of life becomes too much; there’s something greater to place trust and belief in something greater than self. Would need to think back to teen years or college where a single offering satisfied a challenge and growth opportunity for all of the “4 square life” listed above. While adulting; the only opportunity I’ve found that offers growth in all 4 areas is F3. Grateful.

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