May the 4th be with you

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 05/04/2019

QIC: Zima

PAX (11): Cookie, Jackalope, Bayside, Zohan, Mayhem, Trebek, Kiwi, MillerTime, Pinkie, Squirtle, Zima


When I noticed May 4th was on a Sat this year AND that nobody had the Q at the Widowmaker, it gave me the chance to get creative with a BD..  May the 4th be with you….What I soon came to realize is that I was not in the company with avid Star Wars fans…(except Bayside)


To begin we started with  aosey to bottom of widowmaker hill for warmup

SSH, weedpicker, imperial walker, (of course) and mountain climbers. Then it was a brief Mosey to King’s field to begin the BD.

The Thang:

Once we got down to Kings Field it was time for Part I or should I say “Episode I” of the BD.  – The Death Star.  The Death Star is aka a space station built by the Empire to basically destroy everything.  But in F3 land, the Death Star is a routine where 10 cones are “supposed” to be aligned in the shape of a star.  Pax are to go to each cone and do 30 merkins until they’ve gone all around the star and completed 300 merkins.  Yeah that sound as bad as it is and after hearing mumble chatter about halfway through I changed the exercise to Dry Docks.  Once everyone had a chance to go around each cone, it was time to move on to the next exercise.

Episode II:  In Empire Strikes back after Han, Leah, Chewy, & C3po land in cloud city, C3po thinks he hears what sounded like R2D2.  Turns out it wasn’t.  It was the empire which shot him up into pieces.  Chewy went looking for him and found him in pieces.  After he attempted to put him back together he wasn’t able to get his legs done so he had to CARRY him on his back…  In F3 land that = partner carry’s.  Partner 1 carried Partner 2 to the middle of the field, then flapjack.  Once at the opposite end of the field lunge walk back to cones.  Rinse and repeat a total of 3x.

Episode III:  Trivia time.  How well do you think you know your Star Wars trivia.  The pax split up into 2 teams.   The game went like this.  There was a stack of 9 playing cards.  For every card there was a question associated.  The team that got the answer right – did the exercise on the card.  The team that got it wrong – ran the length of the field and back.  Since there are a total of 9 Star Wars in the story, there were 9 questions/exercises.  To save you all non star wars fans from reading the questions – if you REALLY want to know what they were, hit me up!

Needless to say, there was one team that dominated and that was the one with Bayside on it!  He crushed it!

Episode IV:  During the Empire’s invasion of the rebels secret ice base, there were armored 4 legged transport vehicles that decsended on the planet.  These things are called AT-AT’s (which Bayside again guessed) Since these things take big steps when they walk it was time for us to climb up the Widowmaker hill.  So, starting at the bottom we did a lunge+alternating high knee to about halfway up the hill.  Once we got to the manhole we moseyed to the top.  Then it was a mosey to the rockpile.

Episode V: Once at the rockpile, each pair of pax from the partner carry chose a lifting rock and then transported it to the restroom facility wall on the other side of the turf field. During the Empire Strikes back, Luke goes to visit Yoda so he can learn the ways of the force. During  his training Luke is almost standing on his head and lifting rocks with the force.  In F3 land that meant Partner 1 assumed BTTW position, while Partner 2 did an exercise with the rock.  Partner 1 held BTTW for 30 secs while Partner 2 did exercise.  Flap jack until 3 rounds were completed.  Exercises were: Curls, Skull Crushers and Squat Thrust.  Once done we returned our coupons and circled up at midfield for a brief round of Mary and then COT.


Props to Trebek’s visitors from Australia who just about posted every T-TH for the past 2 weeks (including the hour long Widowmaker for Kiwi)

Anyone interested in going to the ATL United game Wed night, see Cookie for details on the 2nd F gathering

General sentiment was the Pax liked the creativeness of the Star Wars themed beatdown (even though most didn’t get the trivia questions right hahaha)

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