How many circuits does it take?

AO: The Gladiator

When: 05/07/2019

QIC: Scar

PAX (13): Spandex, Viking, Sox, Skid, Puddle Jumper, Tebow, Brownie, Scar, Postal, Saint 2 O, Stroller, Shrinkage, Delicious


I had mentioned in my email last night that gloves and a sense of humor were essential.


Mosey to our warmup parking lot and perform Hillbillies, Weed pickers and SSH

The Thang:

Gladiator Hill was the scene of our first little AMRAP circuit. Partner up and Partner 1 runs the hill and back while partner 2 completes the reps and then flip flop through all exercises.





Short mosey to playground parking lot for some 3 X 10’s – 3 exercises, 10 reps of each 3 circuits.

Mountain climbers, Pull ups and LBC’s

So the mumble chatter started around this time, so YHC looked at his watch and decided we needed to kick it up a notch. Nice long mosey to rec building for a Donkey kick, Derkin combo – 30, 20, 10

Now the sense of humor was really going to be needed. Sox was mad about about all the Moseying, Spandex was muttering and cussing under his breath. As a Q I had done my job.

So 1 more circuit was needed to end the morning, mosey to turf field for a Dip, box jump 20 20 rinse and repeat.

Mosey back to the flag for some Mary.


Great to have Puddle Jumper back after some lone parenting as his Wife was out of town. Prayers for Moonshines Father in law.

Well done Skid for stepping up to a VQ on Thursday.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead, good to see these men pushing themselves to get better.


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