Fill In

AO: The Norseman

When: 05/02/2019


PAX (3): Callahan, Beaker, M.T.


A late B.B. but late is better than no BB at all.  Last Wed. Nacho put out a request for a Fill In Q and YHC was happy to step in.  After a pre run on the dark streets of The Norseman, I returned to two HIM waiting for some pain.  It’s always fun to get to put a few faces with names you have heard.


A warmup run / exercise combo up to the park entrance and back.  In this warmup we completed the first 10 burpees of what would be a 100 sprinkled in.


The Thang:

We returned to the bottom of the hill adjacent to the meeting spot.  While two pax ran to the top and back, the remaining person did exercises and then flapjack.  Burpees, More Burpees and then squats for 3 cycles.

On to turf field 1 for some 11’s from goal line to 50 yd line.  Introduced the boys to Mountain Goats on one side and we did BB situps on the 50.  Everyone found out how much mountain Goats suck after many reps.

More Burpees

Mosey to the covered pavilion area for dips and step ups rotation x 3 – 20, 15, 10 of each

More Burpees to equal 100

Back to the flag for some MARY – YHC and Beaker counted 30 reps and Callahan one up-ed us with 31.


Thoughts with Nacho, M and family.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

It’s a nice change to have a handful of pax or less as you can often push a little harder and faster.  Beaker and Callahan are both fast and fit so we got a lot of work in.
An honor to have the chance to lead at Norseman again!

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