The Rubicon Mini Field of Dreams Ultra

AO: The Rubicon

When: 05/02/2019

QIC: Lumbergh

PAX (13): Lefty, Zima, Saint2.0, Cookie, Devito, Mayhem, Pellets, Pitstop, Kiwi, Trebek, Arnold, Pinky


I have had this in my back pocket for a while and excited about making this work. For those unfamiliar with the madness of an ultra, they should read the story at I had to adjust as I only have 45 minutes and do not plan to eliminate people.

Even with the running warning in preblast we had four at 5 am for a pre-run, that includes Lefty who was out for his second post and ready to go the distance.


No time for warm-o-rama. We have loops to get to

The Thang:

The Mini Field of Dreams Ultra consists of laps around the entire field (stay outside the foul line, and on the warning track) followed by exercises where possible.

Based on previous laps around this field I gave what I thought to be a generous 85 seconds to circle the field followed by 45 seconds of exercise. I gave a preblast in slack so most PAX knew what was coming and helped coach the others that refuse to join where the best talk happens.
The exercise list:

Some notes:

-YHC had some tech issues with the speaker which refused to blast the music and then wouldn’t sound the whistle. This caused him to miss a couple of laps as he struggled to make it work. We resorted to watching the phone screen and yelling GO when it turned red.
-YHC also came in last minute from the prerun and paused his watch and forgot to hit go until we were 10 minutes in, so his GPS came up shorter than others which is a bummer knowing how far we went.
-There were a few that could hit that 85 seconds regularly. Props to Mayhem who lead the pack each time. YHC watched the screen change to blue (times up) as he passed third base each lap. Any potential future ultra will give 90+ seconds. (And also warn against doing a prerun).
-The accountants of F3 quickly worked out how many laps were expected within our time limit. The timer app was set for 20. We got 19 before heading back to the flag.
-YHC also didn’t know the distance around the field. As it turns out when you circle it 19 times you get around 4 miles in a single BD. Is this a record distance as suggested by Zima? (Also everyone there today is ready for a 5K. Go sign up and do one)


This was the finale of the series known as lumberghathon. A personal challenge to bring something new each week to Rubicon (and once to Norseman) and leading up to what is my two year anniversary (officially, it’s on Saturday).

Prayers for Nacho Libre and his family.

Praise for Pitstops new role and enjoying it.

Call for Q’s and kind words from Devito on what I brought to lumberghathon this month.

Give Cookie a note if you are interested in doing a United game next week.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I took TNT today to celebrate my two years with F3 and to encourage others that show up each week and challenge themselves and others. Two years ago doing my first weed picker I could barely touch the ground and was just laying on the ground at the end of the workout. But I showed up again and again (and then stopped showing up because it was cold) but then showed up again and again and took up new challenges and extended beyond the workouts.

I have always been a runner (or what I thought counted as running) but twice a week with MT or Pellets among others we comment about never believing we would wake up at 4:30 to come run or do a workout. Now my days feel off if I don’t make it and I am finding speed I never thought I had. This year will see my first half marathon and the blue ridge relay which is well beyond my comfort zone.

In addition, I am not management or a leader at work. I am the quiet thinker, but what I have found at F3 is you can build your skills by taking the mantle. When you choose to lead you know you have a group that will listen to you and encourage you no matter what you feel about how you are doing. Thanks to all those that have encouraged and pushed the pax of Rubicon to keep succeeding.

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