The Golden Arches Never Disappoint

AO: The Shadow

When: 05/02/2019

QIC: Fireballs

PAX (4): Seles, Chain Gang, CIA


Another Fine Morning to be with your F3 bros or you can be a fart sack loser – your choice


Windmills IC X 15, Imperial Walkers IC x 15, Rinse and Repeat.  Toy Soldiers to light pole, Butt Kickers to curb, High Knees to far curb.  Rinse & Repeat back to start.

The Thang:

Quarter Pounder – run to first cone for 25 Merkins, run back to start, run to second cone for 50 Squats, run back to start, run to third cone for 75 Mountain Climbers, run back to start, run to fourth cone for 100 SSH, run back to start.

Mary – Ankle Touches, modified V-sits, High Flutter Kicks, Dying Cockroaches, Low Dolly, American Hammer. All IC X 15.

Quarter Pounder With Cheese – repeat prior except carrying a rock for all run segments.  Super Size me please!

Picnic Tables for Step Ups and Dips.  IC X 15.  Rinse & Repeat.

Wall Sits followed by Australian Mountain Climbers (yo Fart Sackers – you will luv this one).

Grateful Dead sequence x 2.

10 Burpees OYO.



Welcome FNG Josh Sofsky now known as CIA.

Nice send off by Chain Gang.

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