Wait…Norsemen can spell??

AO: The Norseman

When: 04/30/2019

QIC: Callahan

PAX (3): Peyton, Nacho Libre, Callahan


Standard warm up of SSH, weed pickers, hillbillies.

The Thang:

We ran from the warmup area all the way down the main drive towards Kings Ridge.  At the final parking lot, we hung a left and found ourselves at the first stop in the Norseman Spelling Bee which happened to be a baseball field.  We’re spelling Norseman with exercises and a bunch of running.  Let’s go…

N – N’diayes – 10 at 1st base, 10 at right foul pole, run to left foul pole and do ten more, 10 at 3rd, 10 at home.  Run to the next baseball field

O – Overhead claps – 15 at each stop as before.  Run across our favorite little circle to the next baseball field.

R – Run.  Truly thinking out of the box on this one.  We ran the bases backward, then sideways.  Left there outside of the outfield fence and down a dirt road to the back of the pavilion where we encountered the infamous wall du dip.

S – Step ups – 10 each side.  Run through the pavilion over to the turf field.

E – E2k.  Elbows to knees.  10 each side. Ran to the other side of the field and repeato.  Run 100 yards to the other end…saw we were tight on time, so we went to the next letter.

M-Merkins.  10 at each corner of that end of the field.  Run from there past the flag to the other turf field.  I mentioned we ran…right?

A – Alternating Shoulder Touches – 10 each side per corner

N – Not so lazy boys – Recline position like you’re in a lazy boy, and hold for 20 seconds at each corner…30 seconds to finish up.

We ran to the flag with 30 seconds to kill, so we did LBCs to finish us up.  2.77 miles and a lot of sweat.  Well done!



Prayers for Nacho’s family as his father in law passed away…but huge praise as he prayed to receive Christ last Friday!!!  Pray for Nacho’s M, Laura, and family during this time.

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