C’Mon Rusty

The Wreck has been beat down city the past few weeks so it was crucial to keep the pain coming as a steady drip. With…

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Sea Turrrrtles

Wednesday night, the 90th minute at the Benz, Atlanta are up 1-0 and it was yet another boring game under FDB… 7 minutes of added…

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Rest & Recovery

YHC thought about bailing as Q last night with an upset stomach and some exhaustion from the Murph and spin class. But Sleeper was unavailable to cover for me (5 beers in at the Braves game- and wearing his F Bomb socks), so I went to bed and woke up …

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Doomsday Clock

Three PAX including YHC posted for the Shield Lock Run at 5:00. In the final stretch, YHC took an unplanned detour to the Waffle House…

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Downstairs Mixup

26 Pax ventured out for a perfect weather summer beatdown! Welcome @Doobie (Jake Hess) from CO who is moving to Virginia Highlands soon!

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