My people don’t build pyramids!

AO: The Shadow

When: 04/27/2019


PAX (5): Haggis, Manhole, Seles & Scout


A crisp start to the morning with temperatures in the mid-40’s for one last taste of spring. Your Q wanted to try out a few new exercises and was anxious to see how the Pax would respond.


2 Sets  of 12 x SSH, 12 x Mtn Climbers and  12 x Imperial Walkers
Mosey to DNC

The Thang:

12 x MilMerkin, 12 x 8ct Bodybuilder, 12 x Squat

Mosey to bottom

10min EMOM 8 x merkin, 8 x ABC and 8 x Prisoner Squat

(Big thank you to Scout for using wood chips to keep count of the sets, otherwise we would have done may more than 10 sets)

Mosey to playset

2 Sets –  5 x pullup over/under,  alternate LBC and Squats while waiting turn for pullups
Mosey to bottom
Mary – 27 x low flutter, 27 x LBC, 14 x Scissor, 27 x Mason Twist, 14 x Box Cutter, 17 x low leg raise

Mosey half way up hill
Crowd pleaser – Merkin/Groiner pyramid 1:1 – 5:5 – 1:1 run 60 yds between
5 sets – 10 x Bear crawl, Crab walk, Gorilla walk to street

(Manhole respectfully let the Q know that his people did not build pyramids and that he would modify the exercise)

12 x Stone Mountain & Prisoner Squat
Mosey to School
12 x Stone Mountain & Prisioner Squat
4 minutes of EMOM – 8 stone mountain/wall sit


Big thanks to the Pax for working with me on the new exercises. Things did not always go as planned.

Best wishes to Haggis on his upcoming marriage. This was his last workout with the boys at the Shadow.

Praying for Scout’s mother.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Sorry for the late posting on the backblast.

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