AO: The Wreck

When: 04/29/2019

QIC: @IBeamF3

PAX (20): Jackalope, Rusty, Sprocket, Ariel, Headset, Yankee, Foley, Divot, Swamp Donkey, Bedpan, Rooney, Squeak, Raider, Sell-out, Squeegee, Bayside, Aflac, Free Pie, Goat


Sprocket seems to make it a point to show at every BDQ to continue the Wreck tradition of receiving the restrictor plate.
Even though YHC knew it was coming, the planned BD did not change.
YHC gave notification to the attending Pax of who YHC was…. (attendance might be spotty) And that it was indeed the day of my birth.  Quick disclaimer as well and we were off.


After making it to the gridiron parking lot, YHC instructed pax to retrieve a stone from the pile of a comfortable size for american hammers.
Circled up for a couple exercises. YHC isn’t much for a warm-o-rama anymore. Maybe 3 or 4 performed and we continued with our stones to the bottom of the BA Hill, Merlot Mountain, Malbec Mountain, insert Q’s choice of name here.

The Thang:

KRAKEN 2.0 for the BDQ

33 is not divisible by much, so the rep count would be 1, 3, 11, & 33.

Kraken Burpee
Rock-a-bye Baby
American Hammer
Kick-through Burpee (or break dance burpee, but needed the K)
No Surrender

Between each exercise, run to the top of the BA Hill and down.

At some point in the BD YHC’s stone got much heavier and didn’t feel the same…. Foley playing tricks again.

A good number of pax were making it through the 33 rep count round, but YHC had enough and wanted Mary as oppose to more mountain.

The go-to co-Q (everyone knows who you are…) made a shortcut suggestion to deposit the stones in another ditch and YHC was not going to argue a shortcut this morning.

Some Mary was had and for the final exercise, YHC asked for a birthday gift of Foley calling an exercise in cadence.  It wasn’t cadence, but he did count the reps out loud.  Baby steps I guess…


Prayers were asked for Zook as he continues his treatments.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Another year older and another year stronger and better than the previous.
Love the group that the Wreck has established and the brotherhood and camaraderie (or continued razzing of fellow pax). It’s all in good fun and I know that I would do everything I can for the man next to me and I hope that they would return the favor.

One month away from the two year anni of the Wreck.  Would love to make it a huge turn out. Wednesday June 5th.  Let’s talk it up and get some old pax to show back up. I think 33 is our record, so lets break that this year.  Mark it on the calendar and make no excuses.

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