Diesel and Dust Is What We Breathe….

AO: The Galaxy

When: 04/30/2019

QIC: Blue

PAX (8): Sparky, WideRight, BabyFace, Percy, SoSoDef, Venus, Cha-Ching


Disclaimer issued


3/4 around the circle


10 CP

10 TS

full lap around the circle

The Thang:

PAX convened around two gifts from Cobb County Fire Department, out of use water hoses.  Approximately 15 ft in length, perfect for two PAX on each end for an old fashioned Tug-O-War.  The losing two PAX had to jump to the next rope, and pull against that fearsome foe.  Each of the teams alternated between winning and losing with no clear advantage given by the very wet grass.

Full lap around the circle (ish), PAX then travailed the CIRCLE OF TABATA DOOM.  Each station was manned by one PAX for exactly 30 seconds of hard core, high intensity activity.  10 seconds of rest to move to the next station, then 3o more seconds of punishment.  Stations were:

  • Suspended Bench Merkins
  • Bench Tri dips
  • Bench step-ups
  • Agility Ladder: Hopscotch
  • Agility Ladder: Icky Shuffle
  • Agility Ladder: UpDowns
  • Leg lifts with Skull

And thusly it continued for 20 minutes.

Afterwards, coupons were procured, and traversed to the site of “Call-You-Outs”, wherein PAX rotated calling 0ut fellow PAX for 30 yard (and back) sprints.

Coupons returned, Mary to the bell.



Health for Tweaker MIL and Father

Safety for PAX travelling

Peace and Gratitude for Blue’s Father

Smooth Sailing for our two Preggo PAX




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