Potpourri of Pain

AO: The Shadow

When: 04/25/2019

QIC: Leon

PAX (5): Leon, Madoff, Fireballs, Ricochet, Switch (welcome back)


Beautiful morning that I thought my be wasted with a PAX no show, but with 4 mins to spare, 4 faithful scampered in for my beat down that was developed 5 mins beforehand.


Curb work to Light: High knees, Butt Kickers, Karaoke, Warrior Lunges
Circle Up for SSH, IWs, Windmills, Mtn Climbers, Stone Mtns all IC x 15 and 5 Dive Bombers oyo
Rinse & Repeat except IC x 10, plus 5 Dive Bombers oyo

The Thang:

Mosey to track for a Cherokee Run with 5 merks’ off the back, 2 laps. Madoff chose to forget about the merks off the back the 1st time, thus the rationale for going around 2x, He got his in!

Mosey to flagpole for Mary:
LBCs, Low Flutter, Heels to Heaven, “my” Box Cutters @ IC x 25, plus American Hammer IC x 15
Over to Memorial Garden for 11’s — Step up and Dips

Bear Crawl up the stairs and mosey to sunken platform at the front of the school for some rock work:

On your 6 for Chest Press IC x 25 , Skull Crushers IC x 25, American Hammer with rock as balance IC x 15, finish with Overhead Press IC x 15. Dump rocks and Bear Crawl up stairs and Mosey to side platform for more Mary.
Low Dolly, Obliques IC x 25, plus 3 rounds of Superman/Banana iso’s

Mosey to side wall for 1 set of Wlla Squats and BTWs.

Finish with a accelerated round of Grateful Dead.

Finished right on time..to perfection


BiBo has Saturday Q at Austin. Fireballs got a check from the Government for $1.90. Spend it wisely, my good man.

Take the time to watch “Free Solo,” make this F3 stuff look like Romper Room. Amazing display of Human courage and athletic skill

Madoff took us out nicely.

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