4 Corners inspired by FiAAlpha (lumberghathon 3)

AO: The Rubicon

When: 04/25/2019

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (17): Cookie, Stifler, Pellets, Devito, Jackalope, Bayside, Waffles, Pitstop, Hoochie, MillerTime, Trebek, Pinky, Heidi, TopHat, Zima, TheHammer


I went beyond the f3 exercise site to find some new ideas. FiAAlpha has some serious workouts that are at Wills Park a couple days a week. I found an idea courtesy of Queso and with a few tweaks made it ready for Rubicon.

Five showed up for a prerun to get some mileage this morning.


15 total PAX are there for the disclaimer as we start around the parking lot. 2 more show up and we gather by the…..Oops, let me grab the flag.

Some SSH and Weed pickers and we count off by 4’s

The Thang:

The 1’s and 2’s grab a decent lifting rock. 3’s grab a couple hand rocks. 4’s take a parking lot lap and we all meet at the pavilion.

Each group takes a corner as numbered. We will work through the four exercises at each corner with 45 seconds of exercise and 15 seconds of rest/prep for the next exercise. After you do the four at your corner you rotate to the next corner. A lot to explain but it was picked up quickly by the PAX.

Here is what it looked like:

Corner 1:
Arms – Curls with the rock
Legs: Step up with the rock
Full Body: Squat Thrusts with the rock
Abs: LBC’s

Corner 2:
Arms: Dips
Legs: Calf Raises
Full Body: Burpees
Abs: American Hammer

Corner 3:
Arms: Skull Crushers with the rock
Legs: Lunges
Full Body: Squats with the rock held out straight
Abs: Elbow plank

Corner 4:
Arm Raises with the rocks
Legs: Monkey Humpers (with a friendly competition of monkey calls. Stifler surprises with a call that comes closest to Devito)
Full Body: The return of the San Antonio Shuffle
Abs: V-ups with the rocks

We lap the lot after four corners and return the rocks after the second round of corners.


Praises for new jobs and positive changes
Show up for the picnic Sunday with M’s and 2.0s
Lots of opportunities for PAX fellowship. Grow Ruck, Tillman run…

The workout today was an idea I found on FiAAlpha because it is just another resource to bring some new to Rubicon. FiA goes a full minute on the exercises with some variations and proper weights in place of rocks. No, we don’t use yoga mats, but the back of my shirt says maybe they are not such a bad idea in the pavilion.

Devito gives us a TNT on Servant Leadership. The idea is that you have the responsibility to help people grow and be motivated over your own needs and gains. Ask someone today “How can I help?”


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