17 with 1 FNG “Log on” and “Log off” with #TheGirlfriends

AO: The Gladiator

When: 04/25/2019

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (17): Saint 2.0, Spandex, Scrum, Delicious, Wicka Wicka, Scar, Black Box, Manchester, Kegger, Brownie, Viking, Laces, Renegade, Cradle (FNG), Moonshine, Zohan, Ha-ha


It’s been a fun month for YHC. A hard, grueling at  times month, but great fun getting out to see all the AOs across The Alpha. 15 AOs in total over a 25 day period. I think the only one I missed as Atlas. I’ll have to get you guys next month. Next week I am off on vacation in Seattle/Vancouver so not this month!

It is great to see what Spandex and Scar have built at The Gladiator in less than a year! These guys are in the upper teens every workout and have a pre-run and Saturday workout going.

So I set my alarm and had my surprise strapped to the top of my Cruiser. I rolled in to the parking lot at 0515 and thought “Wow, there are a lot of guys here early!” DOH! The Glad STARTS at 0515! So I did my best Nacho imitation, parked the truck and hit the pavement!


Just a quick mosey to the back of the parking lot to where I had parked #TheGrilfriend chariot at the bottom of the hill to the baseball fields.

Circle up for:

  • SSH
  • Weed Pickers
  • Imperial Walkers


The Thang:

As Muse played our opening song I explained the “Musical Dora”:

Partner up. Partner 1 performs AMRAP of an exercise while partner 2 runs to the foul pole and back. When he returns the partner change roles. Continue the exercise and rotations until the song ends. New song, new exercise. The “surprise” is that #TheGirlfriends brought their ugly younger brothers, the pine logs, along for the trip. If you go to start the run and there is a log at the bottom of the hill, take it to the top with another PAX. If you get to the top and there is a log there, bring it back with another PAX. Keep the logs moving. If there are no logs bottom or top you get off easy. Luck of the draw.

Exercises went like this:

Plug in Baby 03:38 Warm-o-rama
Supermassive Black Hole 03:32 Kettlebell Swing
Dead Inside 04:22 Hammer Curls
Pressure 03:55 Thrusters
Madness 04:41 Skull Crusher
Uprising 05:04 Squat w/ bag
Knights of Cydonia 06:07 Overhead Press
The Handler 04:33 Bent Over Row
Psycho 05:16 Merkins
Propaganda 03:00 Abs



Region Picnic Sunday 4/28 3:00 pm at Lake Windward. Hot dogs provided, bring a side and drinks.

GROWRUCK Aug. 23-24. Don’t miss it! You will want to be there! Need a ruck?  See the “Borrow a ruck” link on the info web site: http://f3cherokee.com/growruck2019/  Need financial assistance to make it happen? DM Ha-ha on Twitter or Slack!


Praise for family member beating cancer!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It’s always fun to trow in a twist to a workout! The logs prove to be the twist today.

2 miles today of running up and down a hill and doing exercises with #TheGirlfriends kept the mumblechatter down a bit.

Scar loves guitar solos. Maybe we should have a workout with all guitar solos just for him! The longer the better.

Good to be in the gloom with new guys I have not met yet! Keep getting after it!


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