Third Q’s A Charm (the Homer edition)

AO: The Hooch

When: 04/24/2019

QIC: Homer

PAX (16): Flo, Meatball, Splinter, Woodchip, Saint2o, Pooh-Bear, Ball-Boy, Jimbo, Scrooge, Ready-Mix, Sunshine, Piggy, El Matador, Hamburglar, DoughBoy


Monday, 4/22/19… 2 days ago, Hamburglar crushed his 3rd Q, and after my not so great  H0.0ch Q last time, I was feeling anxious. I crawled into the Fart Sack last night and hoped that my game plan would would push me… but also be challenging to our veterans around the shovel flag.

Because of the recent storms at the Hooch, I decided to visually verify that my exercise area was open and safe. Tuesday night Ballet = full campus walk around. Except for a few noisy geese and one particularly menacing crane… everything looked good to go.


No FNGs. Quick disclaimer. Let’s Mosey.

Took the long route to the standard lot outside Hurricane’s (we need a new name for the defunct corner eatery.) Circle up for some SSH, Moroccan Nightclub, Windmills, and weedpickers.

Let’s Mosey some more. Longer Mosey this time to back side of church.

The Thang:

One of the first beatdowns that YHC did at Hooch, was centered around the smaller lake behind Perimeter Church. At the time, I HATED it. In fact, I’m pretty sure that some Merlot was spilled because of it. I wanted to repeat it, but, I could not find a back blast with details. I knew it was Partner up for some Dora, and that it involved running laps around the smaller lake trail, while partner performed a litany of exercises.

YHC decided to make this a Choose Your Own Core Adventure. Keep moving while your partner is running. Choose from LBCs, Big Boy Sit Ups, Marionettes, Plank, Reverse LBC… The idea was to keep working your abs and core, while partner runs. 5 rounds of exercises and 5 laps. I was last in and needed a quick 10/20 count. Thang #1 done.

Next up was was dips by the lake wall. Meh. That didn’t go as planned (there’s my internal dialogue that I was having… arguing with myself… more on that in COT) I think we did about 20-25. Guess I should have put more thought into how that count should have been led. In Cadence… On Your Own… Lesson learned for next time.

From there, let’s Mosey some more. Up the grassy hill to parking lot. YHC lost his bearings a little, but finally found the area of parking lot, between two islands, he was looking for. Explain that there was going to be a Run/Routine Ladder with Burpees and Squats. 20 Squats, Run, 5 Burpees, Run, 15 Squats, Run, 10 Burpees, Run 10 Squats, Run, 15 Burpees, Run, 5 Squats, Run, 20 Burpees.

10 count, then Indian run back to flag.

Circle up for about 8 minutes of Mary. Shout out to Wood Chip for leading 15 men with excellence on some SSH.

Thus, another Q of Pain and Chaos completed.


  • Prayers for Boomer’s back.
  • This Saturday, some of the guys are posting at Widowmaker and then serving a family in need with some yardwork.
  • The Scrooge family with their new baby due today. Prayers for all.
  • Prayers for those guys who are traveling and have been out.
  • Homer’s request for work related issues.

Adjourn to Starbucks for some Coffeeteria and GREAT Q-Source discussion around arguments… and how NOT to participate in them. Lots of discussion on listening skills and consideration of other person’s argument. Try to focus on the discussion and not be angry with the other person.

YHC would like to point out that if you haven’t seen the Monty Python Argument Sketch, you should… but DO NOT use this as a doctrine for your  process of argument participation. 

Naked-Man Moleskin:

What a great morning! Like Hamburglar on Monday, adrenalin of Q pushes you. I’m not a fan of running, but wanted it to be a key component today. Even for those who did not make the 5am Shieldlock run… we were constantly moving and put in some sizable and good distance.

It is a good thing to lean into our weaker areas. It also feels good to know and recognize your starting baseline and experience improvement. I’m signing up for #4 and #5 today on the Q-sheet. If you’ve not had a VQ yet, I strongly encourage you to do so. This PAX will stick with you and encourage you through it.


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