The Price is Wrong

AO: The Wreck

When: 04/24/2019


PAX (28): Switch, Squeegee, Virginia Slim, TP, FNG (Boom Stick), Sprocket, Grease Money, Bronco, Turbine, Aflac, Thumper, Roonie, Doogie, FNG (Free Pie), Sell Out, Bear, Bieber, Divot, Mad Dog, Ariel, Deadbeat, Foley, Chalupa, Swamp Donkey, Smack down, Raider, Zima, DD


Welcome to FNGs Boom Stick and Free Pie

Aflac mentioned a couple of months ago a Price is Right themed workout would be interesting.  That got my mind going.  I later asked him if he was going to use the idea, and he stated he wasn’t sure.  I gave him 2 months to use the idea or I told him I was taking and running with it (pun intended).  So, today was a game of Price is Right.



15 Slow Squats

15 Weed Pickers

15 Side Straddle Hops


The Thang:

Grab a rock and head to football field

Line up on goal line and do 50 LBC’s while YHC finished prepping the field for the exercise.

25 products were lined up at the 10 yard line.  Each product had a description, qty, etc.  One individual would run and grab the product, read the description, and then guess the price.  Once the price was set by the individual, the other PAX lined up on the goal line if they thought the price was higher than the “guessed price” or walked to the 5 if they thought the price was lower.  **This was the first issue of confusion and should be considered for future attempts at this**  The individual would then flip over the paper that described the product to get the actual retail price rounded to the nearest 10 cents.  If the individual got the price correct, all PAXs other than the one person who got the price correct had to do 10 Burpees.  Otherwise, the individual had to do a burpee for every 10 cents he was incorrect.

In the meantime, all PAX have a rock and are doing Curls, Rows, Skull Crushers, or Presses.  The PAX who guessed the price was lower or higher than the stated price and were correct ran 100 yards and back.  Those who were incorrect had to keep exercising with the rock they had.


(Products included:  Chef Boyardee, Deodorant, Taco Meal kits, Condoms, Fiber One, Birddog Shorts, detergent, bar soap, sun screen, planters nuts, Tampons, A1, BBQ sauce, Altra shoes, dog treats, etc)


Closing –

We returned one minute late so no time for Mary.


3rd F Thursday at Crazy Love

Coffee after workout at Fellows

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks to Aflac for the inspiration

Thanks to Bob Barker and Drew Carey for providing me with years of product knowledge.

We learned that a lot of PAXs have no clue what things cost *clears throat* BEAR.

And remember to have your pets spayed or neutered

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