Third Q’s A Charm

AO: The Hooch

When: 04/22/2019

QIC: Hamburglar

PAX (18): ReadyMix, Boomer, Popper, Splinter, Sunshine, Pooh Bear, BallBoy, Scroog, DoughBoy FNG, Saint2O, Sir Jimbo, Meatball, PuffDaddy, Zohan, Flo, Tigger, Homer


Welcome FNG DoughBoy!  Honored to have you join us.


Welcome and disclaimer.

Mosey around parking lot with side sliders, high knees, and leg kicks.

Circle up back at starting position for Windmills, Weed Pickers, SSHs, Hilbillies, and Imperial Walkers


The Thang:

Everyone grabbed a rubber and we headed for the church and back in bursts of fast mosey followed by slow lunges, followed by three sets of two different exercises with the rubbers.  Rubber exercises included: squat thrusters, curls, tricep kickbacks, front and side arm raises, lawn mower pulls, and Boris Becker’s.

After we arrived at the church, we were met with a shooting star, which served as a reminder — along with Popper’s tornado — that we are indeed small and there is something much bigger than ourselves (see Job 38:4-7 and/or the film Tree of Life).

Before heading back from church, we completed Homer’s Eclair (a variation of Homer’s doughnut completed around an oblong landscape island).  We followed that with 5 sets of 1. 10 Bobby Hurley’s 2. Crabwalk down hill, 3. 10 merkins, 4. Bernie Sanders up the hill.



this Saturday morning after Widowmaker Boomer mentioned some guys are going to get some 2nd and 3rd Fs in service of others.  Talk to Boomer for details.

Flo mentioned a picnic of shorts with Tube Steak for 2nd F time.  Talk to Flo for details.

Prayers for Popper and family.  Prayers for scroog and DoughBoy and their Ms for the upcoming births of their children. Contrary to YHCs description in the closing prayer, Scroog and DoughBoy are not having a baby together.  Their will be two different births by two different women YHC has been informed.

prayers for the men who are towards the back of the pack that they may fight to get stronger and prayers for the men at the front of the pack that they may help those at the back.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

a few thoughts about Qing when you are fairly new to it:

  1.  Adrenaline will allow you to work out harder than you normally do and you will be surprised by your strength on Q days.
  2. You will be sore as all get out the day after your Q from the adrenaline filled workout the day before.
  3. Your Q will not go exactly as planned and you will make mistakes but this PAX will lift you up high in the end…after giving you an appropriate amount of grief of course.

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