Burpees + Running Sucks

AO: The Wreck

When: 04/17/2019

QIC: Grease Monkey

PAX (28): Aflac, Divot, Squeegee, Miller Time, Wide Right, Doogie, Tweeker, Sparky, Chalupa, Tubbs, Sell Out, Blue, Bear, Swamp, Turbine, Thumper, Dead Beat, Squeak, Bieber, Double D, Raider, O.J., Red Rider, Grease Monkey, I-Beam, GOAT, Switch


Spring temps and the numbers continue to grow (28) at The Wreck, this morning thanks in part to a Galaxy invasion (complete with a coffee bar).


At 0530 we moseyed – over to the hill for a little incline warmup. Starting at the bottom we did 15 SSHs. Run up the hill for 15 Imperial Walkers, back down for Cotton Pickers, Up for Mountain Climbers, back down for Toy Soldiers and up again for Windmills.

The Thang:

From there we moseyed over to the pond. PAX were instructed to find a like-weight partner with the threat of carries. But it was only a rouse. Instead, the PAX tag-teamed the list below: one partner ran a lap while the other grinded it out; then rotate:

150 Merkins

200 Squats

250 Kobes

150 Stone Mountains

100 Pistols

250 American Hammers

100 Burpees

200 Monkey Humpers

150 Big Boys

With time expiring we headed back to the flag. I don’t think anyone finished however Aflac and Thumper seemed pretty proud of their effort on the way back. And I think someone beat Aflac to calling the first round of Mary. Diamonds will have to wait.


Coffeeteria after at Chalupa’s brother’s place: Fellows

Convergence this Saturday at North Park. I think there was some ruck talk as well.

Prayers for Foley and M who were concerned with contractions this morning. Latest update is medicine was successful in stopping them. Continued prayers for making it closer to delivery date.

Prayers for Zook continuing to battle cancer.

Special thanks to Blue (you’re my boy) for the portable coffee. Nice touch and marketing pitch for The Galaxy.

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