The Mornings That Make You Stronger

YHC had the privilege to lead on a groggy Monday  morning.  Fresh off the Warrior Dash where most participants ran it twice, it was tough to get back out.  But 17 PAX chose the Red Pill (2 for Shield Lock Run) anyway and got after it!  It’s tax week, and payments are due.

We went through a typical warmup to get ready, the wind was 30mph and a bit chillier than we’ve had.  So everyone was ready to get moving.  YHC wanted to get back across the road to the high school, with a quick stop for dips/derkins.  But we couldn’t get to the rock pile just with a mosey, so Broad Jumps, Bernie Sanders, and Crab Walks were mixed in.  Somebody just knew I was going to add Bear Crawls, so as a matter of principal we held off for awhile!

Partner up for some DORA 1-2-3 with rocks.  10 Squats at the top of the hill with 100 Curls, 200 Shoulder Presses, and 300 Skull Crushers (unless you had a big rock, then the modification was heavy).  Then it was a mosey back to the flag with an Indian Run, and 30 Squats along the way.

5 Minutes of Mary with LBC’s, Dolly’s, Dying Cockroach, and J-Lo’s.

YHC was very impressed to see all the PAX that made it out after a tough weekend.  Prayers for Scrooge & M, tax week, Piggy’s emissions to pass, Tigger’s buy/sell (Praises for that too!).  Also praises for all the money raised at this weekend’s Warrior Dash!  That’s going to provide for a lot of kids from tough places.  Prayers for anything YHC forgot or what wasn’t spoken.

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