Virgin Q: Richochet!

Q: Ricochet (virgin Q)

Pax: GreenBean, SnakeOil, Ricochet, Cashbox, Billboard, Haggis

GreenBean while still bruised from his solo PAX was ready to go……

The Thing.

Warm up IC x 15

SSH, Imperial Walker, Squat, Windmill and Merkins

Pull o rama

Deck of death with egregiously stacked deck. OYO.

Spade = plank jacks

Hearts = Dips on the curb – IC

Clubs = Merkins – IC

Diamonds = Burpees – IC

set x 2 with mosey to Vanderlyn in btw.

Leg o rama

Mosey to stairs. Circuit OYO

– Monkey humpers 5x first round, then 10x, then 15x other hold squat while waiting for it to come back around

– Same thing with calf raises (5/10/15), those waiting hold up position

– Same thing with jumping jacks (5/10/15)

– Mountain climber (5/10/15).

Run in btw around to back of DHS

Mosey over to flagpole past new Eagle scout project arch.

Mary (At flagpole)

(all IC and all X10).

High Leg Raise,Leon’s Box Cutters, Rosalita Obliques,Low Flutter, and LBCs

Mosey back for COT. Took proud picture by Wildcat arch. Finished four minutes early so to keep honest did another out and back mosey.

Nice take out and good first virgin Q.

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