Lazy but Effective

AO: The Rubicon

When: 04/11/2019


PAX (11): Devito, Manila, Hoochie, Zima, Pitstop, Stifler, Pellets, Pinky, Cookie, M.T, Trebek


11 pax posted this morning for a work session that featured a lazy yet very effective Q plan.  After bringing Devito Inc’s Board of Pain out a few weeks ago at Gladiator, it felt so good that it needed to be added to the Rubicon rotation.  We discovered last year that to complete the full program, including 17 full soccer field laps, requires a partnership of two fast pax splitting the full number and a solid 55 minutes.  BUT, if you cut all the numbers in half and cut the running in half, you can do the whole program in a weekday beatdown session.

With some classic 90’s rock for motivation, the pax worked hard for the solid session completing 17 to 18 exercises depending on speed.


Convergence and Annual Picnic Reminder
Pitstop interviews going on – Prayers!


Hoochie back for two in a row – Great work

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