Trailer Park Blues

One brave PAX (who also happened to be the Q!), posted on a balmy Tuesday AM. He wondered if there was a time change (no, that can’t be right), or if Manhole or someone posted something about a change of venue (maybe to protest all of the deforestation? no that can’t be right), or maybe it was the apocalypse? (yes, well, no, that can’t be right- here come some cars and bikers. Oh well, it’s 5:30, I’m sure Sleeper will show up in a few minutes!

The PAX: GreenBean QIC: GreenBean

The Thang:
SSH IC x 20 (Did the Q say the cadence aloud? Does a tree make a sound when it falls in the woods and no one is around?- you’ll never know!).
IWs IC x 20
MCs IC x 20 hold it for plank: 5 sec.
Low Slow Squats IC x 20

rinse and repeat.

YHC promised Leon there wouldn’t be too much long distance running- as he, Fireballs and Scout have their Ragnar race this weekend (still fartsacked!).

Next up: Merkin Century: running between 2 inner parking lot sidewalks.
Great job GreenBean! As soon as the six was in (ha!),
Follow me (who me?- stop talking to yourself!), up to DHS entrance for Mary:
LBC’s IC x 20
Mason Twist IC x 20
Low Dolly IC x 20
30-60-90 IC x 20

Used handrails for 3 sets of pull-ups- feet extended on ground: x 10.

Follow me (huh?), up to upper parking lot up steps, hands up x 2 back to Seles stop (DHS has me on camera for proof) for more Mary:
Box cutters IC x 20
J lOw’s IC x 10
High Dolly IC x 10
High leg raise IC x 10

Mosey/run out to road, turn right, right again towards Vanderlyn, back to benches at front of DHS for:
Steps ups and Derkins: starting with 10 each, counting down to 1 each.
Great work GB!

Mosey out to street, back over to picnic benches for
3 sets of dips IC x 20.

back to starting lot for: karaoke, backwards run, karaoke, then back to other end.

cirlce up (small circle) for mary:
LBC’s IC x 20
mason twist ic x 20
freddy mercurys ic x 20



GreenBean took us out. Prayers to all the fartsackers. Good luck with the Ragnar this Saturday!

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