On the 20s

AO: The Norseman

When: 04/09/2019

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (3): Peyton, Nacho Libre


I was worried I was cursed when I signed up for another Q at Norseman and see a forecast of thunderstorms again. But the weather was clear for the PAX. Two got an early start for a run of a little over two miles. Peyton joins us hoping there are other things besides the dreaded hill he saw twice in a row.


Jog to the main lot for SSH, and IW

Hit the playground for a morning call. 5 pull ups while others plank.

The Thang:

To the football field where we line up in the end zone. We do a variation of the Quarter Pounder (as written on the f3 exercise site)

We run to the yard line listed and do the exercise with that amount of reps. Run backwards to the starting goal line and plank/air chair for the others to stay together.

v-20 yard line – 20 burpees
v-40 yard line – 40 Mountain Climbers
^-40 yard line – 60 LBC
^-20 yard line – 80 Overhead claps
^-goal line – 100 squats

Work our way back
^-20 yard line – 80 Arm circles (40 forward, 40 back)
^-40 yard line – 60 Freddy Mercury
v-40 yard line – 40 lunges
v-20 yard line – 20 merkins

(Some of these may be listed wrong but I think I captured it all)

Next up is 11’s from a bench to the 10 yard line. Dips and Big Boys

A lap around the field and back to the flag for some Mary
Crunchy Frog
V up
Flutter Crunch

A lap around the lot to end the workout


Convergence at this very park on April 20th
Picnic on the 28th

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Lumbergh-athon part 2 adds 2.15 miles in the pre run and 1.80 in the workout.

Running total: 4.53 for BD’s, 8.28 with Pre runs.


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