Don’t poke the Bear, even if you are a Viking. Or else, the Police will show up.

AO: The Gladiator

When: 04/09/2019

QIC: Manchester

PAX (12): Delicious, Moonshine, Wicka-Wicka, DC2, Tebow, Scar, Scrum, Viking, Spandex, Zohan, Stroller


Poking the Bear…

If anyone is into Data, Viking has missed >50% of YHC’s BD’s so in the lead up to today’s BD I requested his presence. To which some mumble-chatter ensued on Slack and the end result was a harder BD plan than initially planned by the QIC.

Following the pre-run, another Viking no-show was seemingly eminent until we heard the screech of what we thought were PJ’s (who fawtsacked) tyres but surprisingly- ’twas Viking who was tearing over the speedbumps and into the car park to meet us at the flags.

Disclaimer was given, music started- off we moseyed.


We started with a mosey to the shelter for some planned cover for the expected rain which was planned for and thankfully did not show!



The Thang:

4 sets working down through 20, 15, 10 5 reps of:

  • Dips
  • Merkins
  • Leg Raises
  • Back Extensions (Modified for Step Ups during 1 set)
  • Romanian Leglifts (Modified for some Bench Pull Up Idea which sucked during 1 set)

With the PAX now dripping in sweat from the unusually warm climate we moseyed to the pitch via the flags to pick up 2 girlfriends. Separating into two teams of 6, one girlfriend each, we continued doing our Thang.

Each team had to make it the full length of the pitch taking turns to throw their girlfriend as far as they could, each time she landed the team had to do 10 merkins, 10 squats and 10 mountain climbers before they could throw again. In what was a close competition in which winners did not matter- the fastest team did Bonnie Blairs for the six. No, I won’t share who wasn’t on the winning team… 😐

Remaining in our teams we did a modified indian run with our girlfriends before heading back to the flag, where Viking’s friend’s “The Police” showed up to finish off our Beatdown.

Remaining in our teams, one was allocated “Red Dress/Light” and the other “Roxanne” with a merkin due on each time the words we sang…planking in between. This carried us through to 6am and the PAX were done at this point 🙂


Prayers for Freefall and family over the coming days as they welcome their little one to the world.

Prayers for DC2 as he continues to explore his professional Options.

Tillman Run Reminder.

GoRuck/Cross Carry Reminder for Sunday.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks again for the opportunity to lead and the friendship you all provide at both 5am in the morning and throughout the remainder of our weeks!

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