No Spring Break at the Zoo!

AO: The Zoo

When: 04/06/2019

QIC: @F3_Swiper

PAX (2): Swiper, The Body


Light crowds this week due to Spring Break, but 2 PAX washed off the suntan oil and came out to get things going…


Mosey to the parking lot in front of the playground for warm up’s:



Good Mornings

Sun Gods

The Thang:

We got things going with a Bur-lap…a one mile run with 10 stops where the PAX did 10 burpees at the first stop, 9 at the second, etc. all the way down to 1 at the end for a total of 55 burpees.  Too bad there weren’t some more PAX to enjoy this exercise as it sure was fun!

Next, we moseyed down to the playground for some pain stations:

10 swerkins at the swingset

Lunge walk 50 paces to the bench

15 Dips

mosey to the pull up bars

10 pull up’s

Lap around the playground

5 sets of these with ascending +5 in rounds 2 & 3 and descending -5 in rounds 4 & 5.

Stop by the soccer fields for alternating arc loaders across the field, 20 yards each:

Bear crawl

Duck Walk

Inch worm

Crab walk

Kangaroos (i.e. broad jumps)

close out with Mary:



Flutter kicks




  • Praise for the Body getting his house closed and his family moved in
  • Thanks to F3 brother Olaf for some moving help
  • Prayers for Swiper’s wife, Katherine, as she works through some health issues
  • Alpha North 2nd F, Thursday @ Wild Wings – the Collection, 6:30 PM

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