AO: Hog Wallow

When: 04/06/2019

QIC: Stroller

PAX (6): DD, Foley, Circus, Goat, Squeegee, Stroller


Beautiful morning for YHC’s Hogwallow VQ!  YHC threw out an 0645 pre-run, but only got commits for an 0700 pickup at Oxbo.  Nevertheless, YHC waited hopefully for a PAX to roll in as 0645 approached.  With none in sight, took off right on schedule.


Standard tour of Waller Park.  Mad dash required to get down Oxbo Rd to the trailhead for the 0700 pickup, leading to a 7:38 mile.  Pulled up to see Foley and DD.  But where is Circus?  Give the man 5 minutes and a courtesy call, then time to get moving.

Warm-up part 2 was a run to Foleyville, then wind over to the covered bridge and across.  Continued to wind back toward Oxbo, but with time running out a pipe crossing was required.  My first one ever!

The Thang:

Squeegee was waiting at the trailhead, with Circus pulling up a minute later and then Goat right on time.  DD dropped and headed home.  Back to the running, down Oxbo over to Grimes Bridge.

YHC had 2 targets for this run.  The first was the Rivera hill.  The PAX were feeling good as we headed down, then YHC called for a run back up.  This had the benefit of giving Circus time for a pitstop. Foley was at peace with going back from whence we came, but we had to head down again to hit our second target- the giant hill up from the Riverside parking lot.  Squeegee took the lead and put me in the dust here.  Jog back to pick up the six.

Hang a left and begin to make our way back.  Had designs on including the stairs, but time was tight.  Back to the trailhead at about 0817.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Missed some of our HW stalwarts today, and I was a bit nervous navigating without trail sherpa Aflac. Fortunately Circus also knows the trails pretty well and stepped in when needed.  Thankful for all these guys taking on challenges this morning.  Looking forward to my next HWQ.

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