AO: The Widowmaker

When: 04/06/2019

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (7): Mayhem, Devito, Boomer, Scully, Pinky, Zohan, Ha-ha


What a beautiful morning to be back at the Widow Maker after GORUCK Star Course training and F3 Terminus launch commitments! 55 degrees with a light breeze.

But we had a mission that had to be accomplished this morning. Special Forces camped out at the bottom of Widow Maker hill needed resupply and the insurgents were reported in the area. We would need stealth and speed to accomplish our mission.


0700 it was noted with some dismay that the Ha-ha mobile was not in the parking lot which usually means The Girlfriends are waiting somewhere in the park for us. But The Girlfriends were sitting there on the ground! Mmmmm.


We look a lap around to the top lot and did the obligatory SSH and Weed Pickers.  While the men did Arm Circles I explained the mission:


The Thang:

The Special Forces needed ammo and the ammo bags (The Girlfriends) were waiting for us to move them the 1/2 mile or so down to the bottom of the Widow Maker. So we started moving all the GF 400 feet at a time. Either carry 2 at a time or one at a slight jog then run back and get another. After moving them to the first stop we repeated moving them down the trail (the road was reported to be covered with IEDs) across the parking lot on the back side of the big soccer field and down the hill to the waiting Special Ops vehicle.

Then it was time for our routine:

Musical Dora

Partner up. Partner 1 runs halfway up the hill while partner 2 performs the exercise prescribed for the song playing. When partner 1 returns trade places with partner 2 running the hill and partner 1 doing the exercise. Repeat until the song changes. New song, new exercise.

Song   Exercise
Supermassive Black Hole 03:32 Kettlebell Swing
Dead Inside 04:22 Hammer Curls
Psycho 05:16 Overhead Press
Pressure 03:55 Squat with bag
Madness 04:41 Burpee Jump over Bag
Uprising 05:04 Hammer Curls
The Handler 04:33 Overhead Press
Knights of Cydonia 06:07 Merkins (no bag)

We cut “Knights” short as time was running out. A last run back up The Widow Maker to the flag and time was expired.


Cross Ruck 4/19

Convergence 4/20

Region Picnic 4/28

See email for details

Nantan AO Tour continues next week:

4-9          Tues      Firehouse

4-10       Wed      Wreck

4-11       Thurs     Hogwallow

4-12       Fri           H0.0ch


Join me at one of the AOs and tour with me!


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Excellent morning being back out with the men at The Widow Maker! We have some strong men out running that hill and throwing around The Girlfriends!

Good to meet Pinky and seeing him getting after it. Looks like Zohan is back in full form after being on the DL. Boomer and Mayhem where blazing the hill and Devito and Sculley were knocking out the exercises with the girls.

Good work by all!

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