4 Billion Miles for Homer and 6000+ Pollen for the PAX

AO: The H0.0ch

When: 04/05/2019

QIC: Homer

PAX (8): Stickers, Boomer, RediMix, Hollywood, Dawn, Jimbo, Tigger


The whole 0.0 in our name today is supposed to mean no running. YHC is not a huge fan of running (even though he and his family just signed up for the Lauren’s Run 5K benefitting Childhood Cancer Research and CUREyou can donate here…shameless plug) but, according to wikipedia, the Earth orbits the Sun at an average distance of 92.96 million miles a year… Seeing as today is YHC’s 43rd birthday, I need someone to create a vinyl decal for my van that says 4 Billion STAT.

All day Thursday, YHC was curious what the weather was going to do. He assumed that a lot of rain was in the forecast, so the weinke was planned with zero track time. Even a warmup Mosey was uncertain until morning of the birthday beat down. https://f3nation.com/exercises/


  • Light enough rain means a one lap mosey
  • Windmill
  • Moroccan Nightclub
  • Weedpicker
  • Goofballs (had to explain this one from the Exicon)

The Thang:

Making the Beatdown a little more fun with a Whole lot more Pollen! This morning’s pollen count is the highest so far this year. 6262 is also higher than any count we had last year. AND it’s the highest count since 2013!

Partner up for Thang #1 (while listening to the 11 minute song from Weird Al, Albuquerque)

  1. Partner A performs a Boo Boo Bear Crawl (bear crawl with one leg extended. Basically an injured bear hop/crawl)  to end of concrete with Partner B does Bart Simpson modified ABCs against wall. Bart has written many messages on the theme song opening credits chalkboard over the years, our message is “I will not be a sad clown!” – Partner Swap and Repeat (Al Gore till the 6 is in)
  2. Partner A back on Lunges to concrete while Partner B does some BBSU. Partner Swap and Repeat (Al Gore till the 6 is in)
  3. Partner A Crab crawls  and Partner B Wall Sit. Swap and Repeat.
  4. Reverse Lunges + Balls to the wall. Swap and Repeat.


Thang 2 (while listening to the 11 minute song from Weird Al, Trapped in the Drive Thru)


  • 20SSH + 5 Merkins + 10 180degree Squat Jumps
    • So… we all felt like we were stuck in hell during this AMRAP. That was meant to be the point. However, YHC decided to cut the song about a minute short after much chatter and move on to…

Thang #3

Who knew that Sally had a Cousin? Let’s work those legs a little more with some Sally Up and Sally Down. This is a good one. Glad Boomer introduced it to us recently. The ‘cousin’ version is just as good. (Moby – Flower)

With 8 minutes left, let’s circle up for some PAX called Mary.


  • Praying for Dawn and decisions/direction on missions work
  • Tigger and the sale of house and transition to Anderson area
  • Pray for continued health on all our families
  • Scrooge and his M during last few weeks of pregnancy
  • GrowRuck is officially coming to our area in August. Details at f3nation.com/growruck/


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