Four times Four

AO: The Shadow

When: 04/04/2019

QIC: Scout

PAX (3): Fizz, Leon, Scout


Four times Four

On the Fourth day of the Fourth month in the year Two-Thousand and Nineteen, three earnest young men went forth for a slow beat down. It was a warm morning and while others enjoyed spring break and the Florida sun we got to it. The PAX: Fizz, Leon and Scout posted this AM at Dunwoody High School where ALL the trees were now cut to make way for a trailer park. The Thang:

In-cadence, SSH (16), Imperial Walkers (16), Cotton Pickers (16), Mountain Climbers (16) and Stone Mountains (10) rinse and repeat.

Run out of the parking lot and then right back in to start 4 corners (get well Manhole). Build a burpee = 16 squats, 16 squat thrusts, 16 mericans and then 8 burpees. 3 times around will do.

Mosey to rock pile for 16 curls, 16 overhead presses, 16 bent over rows and then on your back for 16 rock chest presses, rinse and repeat with a few less here and a few more there.

Mosey to tennis courts and beyond for a bear crawl. Up again and then down the stairs to the memorial park for 11s with step ups and dips.

Shuffle over to the flag for a set of Mary: LBC (24), Flutter Kicks (24), Heals-to-Heaven (24) then on your stomachs for a new Leon trick: Superman alternating with Bananas. Up the stairs where we counted off to 3.

COT: Leon took us out with thoughts and prayers for our injured list and travelers.


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