Dora for the FNG, Dora

AO: The Galaxy

When: 04/04/2019

QIC: Chelsea

PAX (5): Yahtzee, Swedish Ham, Percy, FNG(Dora)


Since the time change, the lights of the parking lot have been on a delay. Upon arriving, YHC feared to be at it alone. However, it wasn’t the case and the reason for a beatdown appeared in the shadows. With 1 FNG present, I had to impress.


5:31am and we moseyed, paused quickly for a terrible disclaimer, and headed off to the upper lot for warm-ups. Prior to making it to the lot, an awful squealing turned into the park and we knew that we were blessed by the presence of Percy.

Circle up:
Hillbilly – IC
Weed Pickers – IC
Windmill – IC
*might have done another*

The Thang:

Started on the track of the lower field and a partner styled “dora” commenced.  While partner 1 began a “short” lap, partner 2 began the following:

100 Merkins
200 Sumo Squats
300 LBC
400 Arm Circles
300 LBC
200 Sumo Squats
100 Merkins

Percy and Yahtzee finished the last round and added a round of American Hammers for a round of Mary. One final lap around the track and we finished at 6:15:59.


Heads up for Alpha Convergence and Picnic announcements. Looking forward to seeing the group back to full force after spring break.

FNG came by way of Swedish Ham (Asylum) by way of Aflac(Wreck)
GIS analyst? by trade that ended with a @Dora naming.

Welcome to #TheGalaxy, Luke aka @Dora.

Naked-Man Moleskin:


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