Newbies and Oldies but Goodies

AO: The Hooch

When: 04/03/2019

QIC: Flo

PAX (12): Sunshine, Sir Madam Lady Saint Jimbo, Stickers, Hollywood, Splinter, RediMix, Scrooge, Tigger, Homer, Popper, El Matador


11 PAX decided to take that #drp with YHC to make our total count of 12. Inspired by some recent innovations of others Qs lately, YHC tried to bring some new things to the table while mixing in some well known favorites. 


Disclaimer was exclaimed and we moved forward with the following as our warm-up:

  • Big mosey lap with with some buttkickers, high knees, side shuffles tossed in (oldie)
  • Circle up for some Hillbillies (oldie), 10 Walk Out Merkins (newbie), Copperhead Squats (oldie), and WeedPickers (oldie)

Feeling nice and warm YHC solicited some help carrying some tools of the trade Ac(heavy sandbag, rucksack, and some elastic bands) to the back lot for some station work.

The Thang:

Feeling nice and warm (please see above) we gathered in the back lot for some station work:

Activity 1:

We lined up on one side of the lot facing the other side.  One PAX was assigned a large sand bag, while the others were assigned a station.  Stations included: Banded side shuffle (newbie), banded popsquats(newbie), switch foot mountain climbers(newbie), half burpees (oldie), mountain climbers (oldie), ankle grinders (oldie), Alternating Shoulder/hip taps (oldie), burpees, curl presses with ruck (oldie), american hammers (oldie), and crab toe touches (oldie).

The PAX with the bag went to the other side of the lot and came back to pass off the bag.  Each had a turn with the bag and at each station.

10 burpees to make sure everyone was smoked.

Activity 2:

11s (oldie).  Lined up on one side of the low and started with 1 Bigboy Squat and traversed to the other side for 10 Merkins.  Completed in typical 11s fashion.  In full disclosure, not sure if the Bigboy Squat is a the right name or if it is a legitimate F3 exercise, but it was very effective.

Bigboy squat (newbie)= standing with heels on a curb and a sidewalk behind you.  Sit all the way down on the curb keeping fee on the ground.  Lay all the way back on the sidewalk and touch the side walk with hands over head.  Sit all the way back up returning to a standing position in one fluid motion.

Activity 3:

Fartlek or interval training if you aren’t swedish.

Fartlek, which means “speed play” in Swedish, is continuous training with interval training. Fartlek runs are a very simple form of a long distance run. Fartlektraining “is simply defined as periods of fast running intermixed with periods of slower running.”

***I grabbed the definition from Wikipedia so it has to be true

From light pole to light pole = one segment (approx 50 yards)

round 1 Slow mosey one segment, sprint back one segment, right in to

round 2 slow mosey one segment, sprint back and forth for two segments, right in to

round 3 sloe mosey one segment, spring back and forth and back for three segments, right in to

…And so on.  The key here is to a have a dramatic change of pace.  Your slow should be your really slow and your fast should be your really fast.  We went for 6 total minutes.


Prayers for travelling PAX, for tough life situations/seasons, and for guys out there who need a group like this that don’t even know it.

8 pax had time for Coffeeteria, where with no official material to discuss, we shared some laughs and some struggles.  That is what it is all about gentlemen!



Naked-Man Moleskin:

Invite your buddies/neighbors/co-workers to join.  Over my few years of EHing, of getting some out, and getting beatdown here at F3 I’m always surprised who says “yes” and who eventually sticks.  Don’t judge the book by its cover.  Ultimately, each person decides what type of man they want to be and the best way to get there.  F3 helps me calibrate and holds me accountable to be the man I want to be.  I’m grateful for this band of crazies who show up in a parking lot a couple of times a week consistently.


Flo signing off!


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