Viking Birthday Q, Part 2

AO: The Gladiator

When: 04/02/2019

QIC: Viking

PAX (12): Renegade, Tebow, Wicka-Wicka, Manchester, Puddlejumper, Moonshine, Free Fall, Kegger, Defcon2, Brownie, Mufasa, Viking


There are five things Viking learned over the last 24 hours:

  1. Trying to implement a Birthday Q tradition (what better way to start a painful tradition than to implement it on your birthday) needs to be thought through a little more carefully. The enticement of Amazon’s 2-Day Shipping caused me to purchase ankle weights to make the Birthday Q wear. As the Prime Shipping arrived Monday afternoon, YHC foolishly decided to test the birthday coupons out AFTER posting on Slack/Facebook about them (rookie mistake). After some studious trial runs on Monday night, Viking could not believe how uncomfortable and unsafe they felt; they were not made for a rigorous 45-minute BD. Deciding that they would cause more potential harm than fun, the ankle weights have been placed aside… I hate stealing a tradition, but keep an eye out for a Birthday Q weight vest like the Wreck’ers do…. (don’t worry Mufasa, you are off the hook on Thursday)
  2. Don’t park your car in two spaces, especially when one of them is a handicap spot. It doesn’t matter if it is 5:30 a.m. It doesn’t matter that no one else is at the park. It doesn’t matter if you parked there to shine lights onto the tennis court so the PAX could attempt to see the flaming dodge-balls screeching by their face. The cops don’t care about dodge-ball, the PAX, nor your creativity. They will sniff you out, run your plates, call your phone twice, and then search the whole park for you to ensure your car gets moved.
  3. When the cops come up to you in the middle of your BD and say “Are you Kyle?”, don’t respond “No, I’m Viking.” I’m not sure why they would jump to conclusions, but they may think you are intoxicated.
  4. Renegade is a crazy-mad dodge-ball player. I’m pretty sure he ripped his shirt off at one point, yelled “Kill Them All!” and then proceeded to propel rocket-like objects at us (I was obviously on the other team). Note to self: get Renegade on your team next time.
  5. I can in fact lead a BD without a Wienkie/Wehnky/Weenkey/cheat sheet. I left it at home this morning and panicked for a second, but the sight of DC2 galloping in from the pre-run calmed me down; I knew whatever happened, the Co-Q had my back.



Anyways, no more free advice from Viking… It was 5:15, 12 PAX had gathered, no FNGs dared show up, 6 coupons were handed out, and instructions were given: As we moseyed, the PAX were to toss the coupon to a fellow PAX. You couldn’t hold onto the coupon for longer than 5 seconds, and you couldn’t hand the coupon off; had to be a throw. If any coupon touches the ground, all the PAX have to do 10 burpees.

YHC was pleasantly surprised to see some early morning fumbles, as the PAX proceeded to drop the coupons three different times = 30 burpees by the time we reached the tennis courts for the planned warmups. I’m pretty sure we didn’t need any more cardio warmups, but my car was already started (and parked incorrectly) with the high-beam lights glaring at the tennis court. It was like Friday Night Lights minus the crowd and ability to see clearly. Similar to Saturday’s Part 1, the PAX were instructed to split up in two teams, separated on each side of the NET . The coupons were placed at the NET.

Once the game began, the PAX were to race to the Service Line using the indicated exercise below.

Round 1 – Bear crawl
Round 2 – Duck walk

If a PAX got out (by either getting hit or if his throw was caught), he had to go do 27 BBS to get back into the game. If all of a team’s members were out doing BBS, they lost. Losing team gets rewarded with 5 more burpees; winning team could heckle, but not allowed to throw coupons at the defenseless losers.

Round 1 ended up with Renegade’s team winning.
Round 2 was a tie – everyone gets to do 5 burpees.

The small coupons were gathered and bagged while the six large coupons stayed with the PAX. The car engine and lights were turned off (but not moved; ugh), and since everyone’s heart rate had dropped below 180, YHC figured we should get it back up: 27 SSH & 27 Mountain Climbers for the fun of it.

We moseyed to the Pitch, once again passing the coupons. I believe 10-20 more burpees were performed in this short trip to the closest Pitch. The PAX lined up at the endline, and….

The warmup was finally over.

The Thang:


Pair up. Partner 1 throws the coupon as far as he/she can then runs to it and back, while the other PAX performs the exercise:

Round 1 – 100 burpees (since we hadn’t done enough of these lately)
Round 2 – 200 squats
Round 3 – 300 Merkins (this quickly got altered down to 150 since Viking had to deal with the cops and wanted some time for 4 corners)

Only 7 minutes until 6:00 left us enough time for a quick version of 4 corners. Keeping the PAX together, YHC led IC:

Corner 1 – 27 Dying Cockroaches. Run to next corner.
Corner 2 – 27 Plank Jacks. Bear Crawl to next corner.
Corner 3 – 27 LBCs. Run to next corner.
Corner 4 – 27 American Hammers (DC2  led cadence, of course). Run back to the flag.



Prayers for Moonshine’s FIL having cataract surgery.
Prayers for Free Fall and ‘lil Free Fall coming any day.

Mufasa mentioned a ruck leaving ERP tonight at 8:00. Be there or bear the wrath of Mufasa.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks for putting up with back-to-back Birthday Q’s! Looking forward to Mufasa’s BD Q on Thursday!

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