Nantan Tour Stop 1 at Galaxy

AO: The Galaxy

When: 04/02/2019

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (5): Yahtzee, Percy, Sparky, Chelsea and Ha-ha


It is time to visit The Alpha and April is a fine month to do it. So after working schedules, finding open Q spots and trying to figure out how much I can take the schedule is set and the first AO up is one of the newest, Galaxy! The boys in East Cobb graciously welcomed me in for a Tuesday Q spot so lets get after it!

35 minutes after leaving home I saw ball field lights ahead at the AO. But wait, those are not ball field lights! The upper parking lot was lit up nice and bright. After parking in the upper lot and a quick recon run I ran to the lower lot to meet the Guardians of the Galaxy AO. As 0530 rolled around we headed up to the upper lot and circled up.


  • SSH IC
  • Weed Pickers IC
  • Imperial Walkers IC

Time to get after it.

The Thang:

I introduced the men to #TheGirlFriends and explained the Musical Dora: Partner One does and exercise with the GirlFriend while Partner Two runs down to the field level, performs a prescribed exercise and then runs back up to trade places with Partner One. This continues until the song changes and new exercises are called for.

Here were this morning’s songs/exercises:

Song   Partner 1 Partner 2
Supermassive Black Hole 03:32 Sumo Squat w/ bag Muscle Ups x10
Dead Inside 04:22 Hammer Curls Pull ups x10
Psycho 05:16 Thrusters Box Jumps x10
Pressure 03:55 Skull Crusher Muscle Ups x10
Madness 04:41 Overhead Press Step Ups x10 Alpha count
Uprising 05:04 Squats w/ bag Dips x10
The Handler 04:33 Lunge w/ bag Pull ups x10
Knights of Cydonia 06:07 Merkins Run to front parking lot and back

As Knights faded the clock was at 0615 and we are done!


Alpha Region Picnic 4/28

Convergence 4/20

Cross Ruck 4/19


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Chelsea had some kind of excuse about his shoulder or something. Yahtzee was rocking the hill and Percy and Sparky kept pushing us through. Dog walker was not sure what to think about a bunch of guys throwing bags around to rock music at 0600. Hatchback guy came… and went.

No one died or got hurt. Always a plus.

Thanks for having me, guys! Keep pounding!

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