Happy Birthday Obi Wan!

AO: The Shadow

When: 04/02/2019

QIC: Leon

PAX (3.5): Fireballs, Scout, Fizz, Leon


Spring Break is upon us and the morning chill still remains in the air, but warmer days are right around the corner so once Spring is over and the chill is gone, hope to see a bigger PAX. With that 4 eager souls descended upon DHS for a Q from Leon who has been laid up for awhile with a nagging case of Herp….Bronchitis!!!

Couldn’t think of a pithy name for the backblast so I looked up famous birthday’s of folks from April 2nd. What do you know? Sir Alec Guinness was born on this date in 1914! Raise a pint today in his honor!

May the Force be with you!


15 SSH, Windmills, Mary K’s, Mt. Climbers, Stone Mtns rinse/repeat
Curb line up for Rocky Balboa’s 15 IC, followed by High Knees, Toy Soldiers, Sprint/Jog, and Karoake’s to from lamp post.

The Thang:

Cherokee Run w/ 5 SSH off the back-Started out to Womack, right on Vermack, and a right right on Vanderlyn and into the upper parking lot.

Crowd Pleaser on lower side lot: Start with 1 and move up to 7 8-ct Body Builder 1/2 way across lot 5 merkins (each way) other side of lot (by tennis courts) start with 2 Dive Bombers and finish with 14.

We lost Fizz at the start of the Pleaser with a back twinge…no need to aggravate it so he had to bow it and head back to the f-sack.

God Speed Fizz!

Mosey to Flag pole for some Mary: 20 IC : LBC’s, Low Flutter, Heels to Heaven, 15 American Hammers, 20 Low Dolly’s and finish with a series of 5 Superman/Bananas isometrics.

3 rounds of stair climbs then Mosey to side wall for 2 sets of 1 min Wall Squats and 30 sec BTWs

Finished at lamp pole with 6 Burpees oyo


Ragnar a week and half away for Fireballs, Leon, Scout and Brass Monkey (…it will be fun!)

Fireballs took us out with Prayers for those in need and those traveling on Spring Break.

For those not on Spring Break you know who you are….

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Need to settle on a date for a F3 Caesars Head trip v2.0 A Number of weekends are available for the house in May and early June. Sleeps 13 comfortably, so speak up if you are interested and we can begin to flesh this out.

Again here is the crib: https://www.vrbo.com/179439

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