Viking Birthday Q, Part 1

AO: The Gladiator

When: 03/30/2019

QIC: Viking

PAX (7): Stroller, Pooh Bear, Ewok (FNG), Brownie, Tigger, Mufasa, Viking


About to turn 27, Viking had saved his allowance up for months and finally splurged last week to get some much needed dodge-balls. Although Amazon misled me by sending some small balls (where was DC2 when we needed him?!), the plan was still in action. YHC wanted to reward the Saturday PAX with a preview of Tuesday’s Part 2, but knew we couldn’t play dodge-ball the whole time. Not used to planning a whole hour of a BD, Viking had to scramble a little, but knew that it would still be THE BEST PART OF THE DAY.

A coupon was given to each PAX, a disclaimer was given, a welcome was given to Pooh Bear and his son Ewok (who is 8 years old and crushed it today!), and off we went…


Mosey to the north pavilion for multiple sets of reps (26 count) for some step-ups, dips, leg raises, SSH, and weed pickers. Mosey around the north playground to give the PAX a heads up for a later exercise, and then head to the lower tennis court.

The Thang:

The PAX were instructed to split up in two teams, separated on each side of the NET (YHC accidentally said “fence” and the PAX quickly corrected him. Good thing some of our extreme tennis players were not there to judge.) The dodge-balls were placed at the NET.

Once the game began, the PAX were to race to the NET using the indicated exercise. If opposing person is hit with a dodge ball, then they perform 5 donkey kicks against the fence. Catching a ball was also 5 donkey kicks, and throwing and missing opposite person was 2 donkey kicks.
Round 1 – Bear crawl
Round 2 – Duck walk

We played for about 10-15 minutes to get some cardio in. Unfortunately, there was no blood drawn nor groin shots. Too much light out, so perhaps Tuesday’s Part 2 warmup can bring some surprises in the dark.

The coupons were collected and set off to the side, and YHC led the PAX back to the playground for some:


Partner up. One person runs around the playground while the other PAX does the exercise, together working towards the following:
300 – Shoulder Taps
200 – BBS
100 – Merkins

It was close to 7:45 at the end of this, so YHC left it up to Ewok (FNG. Did I mention he was only 8?!) to decide what to do next. Unlike the cruel Moonshine who doesn’t provide what Option 2 is, YHC provided enough data for Ewok to make a sound decision:
1) Option 1 – PAX run to Holcomb Bridge and circle around the library back to the front entrance of the Park, doing exercises along the way.
2) Option 2 – PAX do some trail running through the disk golf course, while doing exercises along the way.

Ewok quickly chose the trail run (hence, how he got called Ewok at the end) and off we went. Various exercises (calf raises, core workouts, etc.) were performed as the PAX moseyed through the back 9 of the course. We made it back to the flag at about 7:58 and performed a few more Mary before time was up.


We circled up and named FNG Ewok due to his love for Star Wars and his Trail Running decision. It was awesome having him there today!

Brownie – praises that Kim’s brain surgery went well on Thursday. Please continue to lift her up in your prayers.
Viking – pray for Free Fall and his M and they are expecting the birth of their first child (a son) any day now.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Having serious FOMO for not making it today? Don’t worry, because Viking is back at the Birthday Q helm on Tuesday for Part 2 ! Don’t miss it!

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