What did I get for my birthday? Country Merkin Mile

AO: The Gladiator

When: 03/28/2019

QIC: Moonshine

PAX (16): DefCon2, Spandex, Scar, Viking, Kegger, Blackbox, Stud Finder, Puddle Jumper, Tebow, Mufasa, Manchester, Renegade, Delicious, Brownie, Postal, Moonshine


What a great morning for a Moonshine birthday party!  39 degrees at 5:14.  Disclaimers given and off we go at 5:15 sharp to start off YHC’s last day at 45 off right.


Quick mosey to road beside the flag for 5 SSH, 5 Week Pickers, and arm circles while Q explains the morning party plan.

The Thang:

YHC discovered an interesting fact about the Gladiator when scoping out the AO on Google Maps.  It turns out the northern parameter of the Gladiator is exactly 1 Country Mile in circumference.  So YHC thought what better use of this space than to lead the PAX on a Country Merkin Mile.  10 Merkins at each intersection, 10 Burpees at each speed bump.  The PAX was offered a chance to opt for Beatdown OPTION 2 before we began but there was enough F3 experience present to recognize a trap so YHC will save OPTION 2 for next time.

For added party favors, the gazelles got extra credit at each major intersection (Bonnie Blairs, Burpees, Jack Webbs/Plank Jacks, Shoulder Taps, and Bonnie Blairs again).

These city folk blew through the Country Merkin Mile faster than expected which left 10 unexpected minutes of time to kill.  Which was the perfect amount of time to enjoy a birthday cake F3 style.  Circle up on the soccer field/pitch/lawn/whatever for 9 minutes of Mary including T-bombs, LBC Flutters, Low Planks, JLo’s, Dolly’s, Big Boy sprints, American Hammers, Birth Canals, and Squats to finish.


Prayers for Postal’s friend from tennis whose wife passed away from cancer, prayers for Brownie’s friend who is having surgery, prayers for Freefall who is expecting a baby soon.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

YHC was honored to have all these HIMs come out and join the party this morning and make it the best part of my birthday (except for the cake, dinner, presents, etc).

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