Basics & Guns

AO: The Wreck

When: 03/29/2019


PAX (16): Foley (49), Sprocket, Switch, Ozzy, Tubbs, Ariel, Bedpan, Yankee, Double D, Swamp Donkey, Divot, Squeegee, Sell-out, Bear, Do-Over, AFLAC


YHC was truly looking forward to an April Fools Q, but clearly didn’t have the foresight to make sure his F3 plans squared with his vacation calendar.  Coincidentally, Foley (freshly 49 today) has been touch and go with a looming baby arrival and was more than happy to make the switch while keeping PAX in the dark.  As the A-Team’s Hannibal once said, I love it when a plan comes together.


With 0530 on the clock and Q switcheroo announced, time to mosey up the hill toward the large parking lot by the football/lacrosse fields for the following warm-up:

  • SSH’s
  • Hilbilly’s
  • Weed-Picker’s
  • Windmill’s

Mosey to the football field for the main event.

The Thang:

The theme of the day would be back to basics, which meant starting with some old-school catch me if you can, bears/crabs style.  Find a partner for the following around the entire football field.

  • Partner A crab-walks while Partner B performs 5 Big-Boy Situps.
  • Once finished, Partner B bear-crawls until they catch Partner A.
  • Rinse/repeat taking turns around the entire football field.

The boys were chipper this morning as there was some great chatter building during this one.  As for YHC, he clearly wore the wrong gloves for a dew-covered field hovering barely above 40 degrees.  Q had a freshly (re-re) named Do-Over as a partner, and encouraged an audible when it became apparent that bears/crabs were leaving their mark.

Some quick Mary for the six, the on to round 2 – 4 corners consisting of the following:

  • 10 Burpees
  • 10 Burpees, 20 Squats
  • 10 Burpees, 20 Squats, 30 Merkins
  • 10 Burpees, 20 Squats, 30 Merkins, 40 BBSs
  • Dying Cockroach (OYO) for the six.

Once completed, head back to the parking lot and retrieve a lifting coupon to open the gun show.  At this point, someone noticed that we dropped Do-Over somewhere, so Double-D took it upon himself to perform some recon.

Meanwhile, there was more work to be done:  don’t think this exercise exists in the Exicon yet, so Q decided to call it Gatling Gun.  Here’s how it works:

  • Round 1:  2 curls, 2 triceps extensions, then rotate coupon to the left.
  • Round 2:  4 curls, 4 triceps extensions, then rotate coupon to the left.
  • Round 3:  6 curls, 6 triceps extensions, then rotate coupon to the left.
  • Rinse/repeat over increasing rounds until Q calls it.

PAX made it to round 15 before Q made the call to head back to the flag.  Coupon rotation is definitely one of Q’s favorite routines and he’s always sure to pick out a gift that keeps on giving.

No time for Mary.


  • Yankee has Hogwallow (Trail Edition) Q tomorrow – 0730 sharp.
  • Prayers for Ozzie in his job searching events.
  • Prayers for Zook who is undergoing treatment.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Watching out for the six shouldn’t be an F3-only endeavor.  It’s important to remind ourselves that life is full of “sixes” and we should all make a point of keeping an eye out for those that are less fortunate or don’t have the abilities or means to keep pace with society.  Be it an elderly person, special-needs child, or simply somebody that is overwhelmed with what life is throwing at them, take some time out of your day to survey those around you and try to recognize who is a “six” and lend them a hand.  It’ll mean more to them than you’ll ever know.

AFLAC out.

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