40 Minutes of Hell

AO: Firehouse

When: 03/28/2019

QIC: Fudd

PAX (3): Reuben, Picker, Fudd


Given we are in the middle of the NCAA tournament YHC searched for some basketball inspired beatdown material and came out with a brutal one to share with the PAX in the gloom. Let’s Mosey!


quick lap around football field followed by:

20 Windmills IC

20 American Hammers IC

On to the beatdown!

The Thang:

“Nolan Richardson”

Legendary Arkansas coach known for his teams running the opponents off the court in the mid 90’s. The Pain went as follows:

P1 completes the work while P2 completes a “Bobby Hurley” – backpedal 50 yards, do a squat while slapping the floor followed by a jump shot then a 50 yard sprint back to the starting line.

The pain stations were:

150 Burpees

300 Squats

150 Big Boy Sit Ups

300 Little Baby Arm Circles

150 Merkins

300 Imperial Walkers

We finished up with time to spare for Mary which consisted of:


20 Ankle Reaches IC

20 Nolan Ryans (yhc found this when researching the nolan richardson…this will be a regular addition to my arsenal moving forward)


Prayers for Coach Z’s family in Dawsonville as the mourn his passing.

Prayer’s for Reuben’s cousing battling health issues.

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