Step it up

AO: The Shadow

When: 03/28/2019

QIC: SnakeOil

PAX (7): Manhole, Scout, Fireballs, Cashbox, Maddoff, Billboard


I thought it was spring, but apparently winter conditions at 39* kept a few others in fartsack today.  For those who did “step it up”, they were treated to 2.2mi and ~34 flights of stairs according to my fitbit along with what was apparently more than expected rhythm required for Mary.


10 each (SideStraddleHop, Windmill, ImperialWalker, LowSlowSquat ); r & r

The Thang:

  • 11s at field side stairs:  Burpees at top level, Merkins at lower level, Squats back at starting level
  • Mary at the square:  Butterfly single leg lifts (flapjack), Single Leg Crosstaps, (flapjack), Low Dolly, Leg Raises, Obliques (flapjack) – 10 each 3ct (mostly)
  • Welcome benches:   15 dips 3ct x 2; bear and frogger front walk


With spring break next week, turn out expected to be light, which is a perfect time for a new Q to step up.  Plenty of slots in the schedule per Manhole.  Sign up here. F3 Atlanta – Q Sign-up

Keep SnakeOil’s Dad in your prayers as he goes in for triple bypass and heart valve replacement on Tuesday.



Naked-Man Moleskin:

Maddoff reminded everyone when taxes are due and that he’ll be working all weekend.

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