Hill Country

AO: Big Creek

When: 03/26/2019

QIC: Snake

PAX (8): Benny Whiz Bartman Dumpster McDuff Swiper Inseam Snake


Began the morning with a little mosey to the warmup spot for SSH, Good Morning, Windmills and Sun Gods.

The Thang:

Started strong with a Merkin Mile – running up the hill and stopping  at 8 signs along the way for 10 Merkins at each.

Next we partnered up for some Dora where one partner ran down a hill and back up while the other partner did as many reps as possible until each duo completed 50 star jumps, 100 plank jacks, 150 squats and 200 lbc’s.

After a quick 10 count, we moseyed to the coupon pile and headed to another hill for 11’s alternating OH Press and Lt. Dan’s.

Indian run back to the flag for a little Mary and finished the day with Seal Sit-ups.

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