Comin’ in hottrick

AO: The Wreck

When: 03/25/2019

QIC: Hattrick

PAX (26): Squeak, Yankee, MillerTime, Devito, Bear, Foley, DD, Aflac, Rusty, Goat, Divot, Rooney, Grease Monkey, Swamp Donkey, Bronco, Lewinski (do-over), Bieber, Switch, Ariel, OJ, MadDog, Sell-out, Tubbs, Raider, Manchester.


In typical fashion, YHC strolled up at 5:29a, ready to punch Monday in the face, but it was winning at this point after a full weekend….barely, tiredly mustered up a few head nods and fist bumps to PAX prior to meeting FNG Bedpan, welcome.  The cue to mosey when several looked at their watches and starred wondering what the stink was about to happen.




Short mosey up to the hill to the nearest parking lot; quick warm up with SSH, cotton pickers and mountain climbers. Mosey up the hill around the gym to the parking lot to the top of the steps near the pond.

The Thang:

As all the PAX arrive they are instructed to partner up, one partner running the other beginning exercise and together do a total of

  • 100 merkins
  • 150 bonnie blairs
  • 200 LBCs

Partner runs around the bench along trail by the pond and returns by going up the steps doing 3 calf raises every other step.  Partners switch and repeat until complete.  Mary for the 6 flutter kicks and American hammer.

Mosey around the pond and to the gazebo with benches.  One parter does dips while the other does Romanian leg lifts. Two rounds of

  • 25 dips
  • 25 Romanian leg lifts

Mosey to the goal line of the turf field.

  • Bear crawl to the 25 yard line –>25 merkins
  • Lunge walk to the 50 yard line –>25 jump squats
  • Repeat same two exercises back to the goal line

Line up on the goal line for a 50% mosey to mid-field and then 100% sprint for 50 yards to the opposite goal line.  Repeat mosey to mid-field and sprint for 50 yards.  Mosey back to the flag.

Mary for the six with flutter kicks, dying cockroach, Kobe’s and diamond merkins.



Prior to the count off and name-o-rama YHC sprints to grab the cellular device to record the PAX in attendance.  Well, no bueno as that red dot on the phone wasn’t tapped.  Or the iPhone didn’t detect YHC’s swole fingers from that beatdown.  After name-o-rama there was quality chatter about which PAX left early, we were unsure as to where Lewinski ended up; last we saw he was doing dips.  Thanks to Slack we know he good.

Welcome FNG.  Hospital name Bob.  He likes UGA. Yankee with the invite. He sells medical equipment.  DD asked for inappropriate medical tool names. Someone yelled bedpan.  Welcome Bedpan.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

With the face palm act of not recording the PAX, YHC has used his Jedi mind tricks to try and remember the 26 in attendance. Hoping everyone is represented.  -hattrick

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