Cinder Track

AO: The Norseman

When: 03/26/2019

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (4): Nacho Libre, Haha, Callahan, and Stew


YHC checked the Q sheet last night and the Norseman was in need of a Q.  I jumped on it with an idea to hit a track workout.  When I pulled up Stew and Callahan were waiting in the parking lot and Haha came in on two wheels with his best Nacho Libre impersonation.  Well 5:30 came around and we were off.



Run down the hill for some SSH, Hill Billies, and Squats.

The Thang:

Head over to the track at our local HS.  On the way YHC found a pile of cinders!  What Luck!  Everyone grabbed a cinder and headed to the track.

Drop the cinder and take a lap.

Second lap – 200m farmer carry with the cinder in your right hand.  At the 200m mark 15 squats IC.  Finish the lap with a 200m carry with the cinder in your left hand.  Some  mumble chatter about some forearm struggles.

Third lap – take a lap

Next – 10 one handed press with the cinder then 100m farmer carry.  Switch 10 one handed press with the other hand and then farmer carry.

Fourth lap – take a lap

Next – Loaf of bread carry 100m right hand.  100m bread carry left hand.

Fifth lap – take a lap

11’s curls and merkins with the cinder.

Drop the cinders off head back to the Norseman.

Merkin lines at the flag lot.  1 merkin 1st line, 2 merkins 2nd line…all the way to 12.

A few minutes of Merry – 6 inch bounce was a crowd favorite.  A lot of mumble chatter about that name.  My favorite was 30 seconds before bed.


My father in-law battling heart failure, Pat Tillman Run, 4 year anniversary of F3 Alpha.

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